Most young people in Singapore are using a smartphone for business and personal applications. For social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, the smartphone is used extensively for taking photos. Hence many young people would like to purchase the best smartphone available in the market, so that they can get high quality and access the other features. Apple is one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world, since their iPhones have a better design and specifications compared to other phones. The iPhone 13, is the latest smartphone from Apple, designed to be more durable. Many young people would like to find out the iPhone 13 price so that they can plan their finances accordingly if they wish to purchase the iPhone. The features of the iPhone and factors affecting the price paid for it are discussed below.


The Apple iPhone 13 is the latest smartphone from Apple. There are other variants of the smartphone like the pro and mini version which have different features and prices. One of the reasons why the phone is in demand is because it has better cameras than most other smartphones. It has dual cameras of resolution 12 MP with wide and ultra wide vision. The processor used in the smartphone is the A15 Bionic chip. The screen size for the phone is 6.1 inches. The phone is compatible with 5G network SIMs. Iphone buyers can choose between different colors like blue, midnight (black), pink, red, and white or starlight, depending on personal preferences


One of the factors affecting the price of the iPhone is the internal memory. The buyers of the iPhone can choose from three different options for the memory 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. Due to the high memory iphone 13 prices, the price of the iPhone with 512 GB is significantly higher than the basic model with 128 GB. So users with a limited budget should choose the model with the lowest memory.

Purchase options

The buyer can purchase the smartphone directly from an online or offline retailer, paying the amount upfront or in installments. In this case, he is free to use the smartphone with any SIM card. However, the cost of the smartphone will be usually higher for a direct purchase. Realizing that many people wish to own the latest Apple iPhone 13, but cannot afford to pay the entire amount initially, many telecom providers in Singapore are allowing their customers to own an iPhone 13, paying a small amount initially, and the rest of the money in installments along with their prepaid bill. For this the customer has to agree to a contract for two years.

Plan options

Phone buyers who are purchasing a SIM card from the telecom provider for the first time are usually eligible for a large discount on the iPhone. The initial amount the phone buyer will have to pay will depend on the monthly plan which he is subscribing to. For the cheapest monthly plan, the phone buyer will have to pay more upfront, typically $700, and approximately $51 monthly. As the monthly plan rate increases, the initial down payment will decrease. For the 125 GB data plan, the rate is approximately $156 monthly and the user does not have to make upfront payment.