In today’s modern era, every business is catching up with digital marketing techniques to win more customers. Some try their luck with social media, while others explore search engine optimization (SEO). With all these techniques, many brands forget about the main element of marketing – branding. Build a brand to represent who you are as a business and put forward an image that attracts customers. Are you wondering how to develop a brand?

These days, people want experiences beyond conventional ads, and offering branded merchandise could be the perfect solution. These are products – related or unrelated to your business, containing a brand’s name, logo, or illustration. Companies distribute these products in tradeshows, shopping malls, and other public places to create brand awareness. Thus, it establishes brand identity while boosting the overall revenue.

Benefits of branded merchandise

Whether you are running a multi-national firm or owning a small business, it is high time to invest in your company’s branding. You can give out pens, t-shirts, or mugs with your brand’s initials. If you are skeptical about it, have a look below. Here we are highlighting five things that demonstrate the importance of branded merchandise for your business.

Promotes Brand Recognition

When you think about McDonald’s, what comes to mind? Perhaps, Ronald McDonald, yellow lines, or the image of mascot. It is the impact of great branding as people recognize a brand by recalling it. Therefore, use branded merchandise to create brand recognition. Start finding places that customize merchandise with company logo, slogan, etc. If you are in New Zealand, search for promotional products NZ to get some eye-catchy merchandise.

If you want optimal exposure, reach out to your target audience. For instance, if your business offerings are for teenagers or young adults, visit high schools and colleges. You can set up a stall and give branded merchandise to everyone who passes by it. Remember to pick the merchandise that resonates with your brand and make sure it includes your company logo.

Generate More Leads

The utmost aim of every business is to maximize profits. In addition to creating brand awareness, branded merchandise can help capture leads, turning into potential conversions. Here we are listing some techniques.

  1. Put your products at display during client meetings and encourage the team members to use them. It improves perception and closes more sales.
  2. Offer something valuable. People leave with a pocket full of pens and stationery after a trade show. If you want to generate leads, differentiate yourself by offering high-value items. And most importantly, ensure they go to the right people.

iii. If you are trying to build email lists or customer profiles, give them something special with your promotional product. For instance, if your brand produces coffee, offer free samples with the branded merchandise to boost conversions.

Creates Brand Loyalists

The odds of selling to a present customer are 14 times higher than peddling new customers. If we talk about retaining customers, branded merchandise can do wonders for your business. It gives you the skill to alter your brand’s ethos into definite items, leading to all five senses advertising. People can touch, feel, and experience your products, giving them a taste of your exclusive brand. It drives customer loyalty, as every person loves receiving free goodies. Surprisingly, when a customer gets something useful without any expectations, they start developing a connection with the brand. And brands with positive associations bring people back time and again.

Improves Brand Recognition

As per Jeff Bezos, your brand is what people say about it when you are not present. Hence, the goal is to decide how you want them to perceive your brand. A company that only cares about making money or a brand that wants the best for customers? All this reflects in your branding and the way you choose to influence people. Do you know how to enhance brand perception? It boils down to two elements – quality and usefulness. You have to provide customers with high-quality, branded merchandise that reflects the quality of your products.

Similarly, focus on merchandise’s usefulness and whether it brings any value to people. If you enter a furniture showroom and sales representatives throw in hand-carved pens, branded cutlery, it would sweeten the deal. And you, as a customer, would leave the showroom with the brand’s positive impression. If you have a small budget, getting keychains, pens, USB sticks, or water bottles could be an impeccable start.

Offers A Competitive Edge

These days, a person can find more than 100 substitutes for a single product and service. With intensifying competition, surviving in the digital world is becoming challenging every passing day. Therefore, it is time to differentiate your business from the rest by offering branded merchandise. It makes your brand look more engaging, interested, and loyal in comparison to your competitors. Since you are offering additional value, it would encourage customers to share posts and pictures with branded merchandise. Thus, you will enjoy more content, higher visibility, and trustworthy customers while gaining an edge over competitors.

Final Thoughts

In the 21st century, successful marketing is all about smart campaigns and new techniques. Although branded merchandise is not a new concept, it is quite underrated. Marketers fail to acknowledge its power and the impact it can have on business success. If you want to expand your business, or create spread the word about it, invest in branded merchandise. You can get t-shirts, accessories, bottles, cups with your company’s logo and slogan to engage people with your brand.