We use a variety of apps every day, from travel apps to lifestyle, food, and commute, it seems that for every function of life, there is a preexisting application. In such a situation, developing and rolling out a new app is a tough nut to crack. One needs to ensure that the overall experience of the app is impeccable and at the same time, the UI/UX needs to stand apart.

Another innovative way to boost business on your app is by introducing new features. Your app experience will get infinitely better if it has unique features that are helpful for the users. Whether it is an app chat feature or an in-app biometric feature, there needs to be something that adds value to the lives of users and makes his/ her experience easy and convenient.

It requires hours of effort, a creative mindset, and the zeal to innovate to create features and an app with a lasting impact.

The point to remember is to introduce add-ons and features that are rarely used but are equally enriching for user experience. Sometimes, even the smallest of changes could bring a difference for the users which makes your app the best among the rest.

5 Must-Have Features in Your APP

Here is a guide if you are still confused about the type of features that you can add to your app. These points will make your decision easier.

1. Promo Codes and Discounts

Discount deals, promo codes, and giveaway options can attract a large pool of audiences instantly. Various ride-hailing apps offer promo codes. Fashion apps offer exclusive discount vouchers that can only be accessed via the app. These have become their unique selling point. Similarly, other apps offer discount widgets that open a suite of discounts available on various products.

2. Customized Experience

Every user has a different taste and choice. Some might like the home screen to be minimal and direct whereas others would like to see all options on the same page. Therefore, one can customize the user experience. Create options within the app through which users can make adjustments according to their tastes and style. For example, they can change the background color, minimize the screen or even change the language if required.

3. Good Feedback Mechanism

One of the biggest pain points of any user is customer service. Users want their complaints to be instantly resolved, and they can’t wait for hours before getting a solution. In-app chat support could be a game-changer in this regard. It will make the user feel valued and provide instant gratification. Users would feel connected with the app and know that customer service is top-notch.

By providing a simple option of in-app chat support, one can improve the rating of the app and increase the retention rate. Usually, companies deploy chatbots that answer queries immediately. A helpline number or website link can also be added on the home screen so users can resolve their problems instantly.

4. Weather Widgets

Weather changes in a wink of an eye, courtesy of climate change. Apps with integrated weather widgets can provide live weather updates. Free weather API without a key can enable users to know more about changing weather conditions.

The weather API could be very beneficial for travel and commute apps. Users can see in real time when it’s about to rain or whether a wind storm is on its way or not. It will help them plan their travel in a better way and can be a crucial value-added feature.

5. Round-The-Clock Access

Many apps are only accessible if the internet is present. However, sometimes, users can be in an area where they don’t have internet access. Similarly, someone might not want to turn on the internet. In such scenarios, you must provide the feature of offline access. Data of your app should be available in offline mode.

For example, music apps allow premium users to download songs so users can enjoy music even when they have no mobile data. Another example could be navigation apps that enable users to download maps and make offline access easy.

Even a globally popular app, YouTube, provides a download feature that helps users to watch videos even in offline mode.

An emerging trend in apps is rewards and gamification. Develop an interesting yet insightful game for your users that enables them to perform various functions and have some fun as well. A shopping app can introduce a game through which users can earn coins and these coins can be used to make purchases.

Wrapping Up

There is so much that you can do to add some extra spice and flavor to your app. Always remember that the main ingredient is innovation. You must bring value to the table. Something that might be simple but isn’t being offered by anyone else.

Creating an app isn’t an easy feat. It requires patience, dedication, and attention to detail. If you are on your path to making a ground breaking app then don’t forget to consider the above-given points.