The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is one of the most renowned accountancy organizations in the world. Therefore, an ACCA qualification is recognized by thousands of employers worldwide and is considered a reputed accounting certification.

However, ACCA is infamous for being setting lengthy and difficult papers. Finishing all the 14 ACCA papers can take a few years of absolute commitment to full-time studying. Hence, most people often combine their ACCA preparation with an additional degree to make the most of their time.

Why you should study ACCA along with an MBA?

An MBA and ACCA is a perfect combination if you want to secure a high-paying executive role within the financial domain. Additionally, you get plenty of other benefits when you couple your ACCA preparation with an MBA.

Read ahead to get an insight into the advantages of pursuing an MBA along with ACCA.

You get some exemptions for ACCA papers

To complete your ACCA certification, you need to appear for 14 different papers which can take quite a lot of time. Pursuing an MBA alongside ACCA can get you exemptions for the exams pertaining to specific business management disciplines. An ACCA+MBA pathway can provide you with exemptions for up to 9 papers.

You can pursue 2 qualifications simultaneously

Balancing your ACCA preparation with a full-time job can be physically and mentally draining. Instead, pursuing a degree alongside your preparation can let you be in the study mode and ace both your degrees. This also provides an additional advantage over your peers. By the time you are done with ACCA, you have a valuable business degree like an MBA which can only improve your career prospects.

You can widen your career prospects and job horizon

Gaining an ACCA qualification can let you search for financial or accountancy jobs at the maximum. Combining your ACCA preparation with an MBA can allow you to work on your managerial skills as well. Thus, you can expand your career domain to include business management or executive jobs as well. Thus, pursuing both ACCA and MBA can widen your career prospects.

You can ace the curriculum for both qualifications

Even though both ACCA and MBA cater to different professional domains, there is enough overlap between their curriculums to give you a significant advantage. Your ACCA preparation can help you grasp concepts in your MBA studies easily and vice-versa. Thus, you will gain considerable expertise in different financial and management disciplines which can enhance your career.

You can access well-paying jobs in the financial world

ACCA can give you strong analytical and computational skills along with a strong foothold in statistical techniques which can be the hallmark for any financial career. Also, an MBA can develop your leadership skills, organizational skills and managerial acumen which are important for a management career. Pursuing an ACCA+MBA pathway can help you target all the high-paying executive roles in the financial industry.

Apart from these benefits, pursuing an MBA with ACCA can give you the confidence to ace all your interviews with big financial organizations. Thus, an ACCA+MBA combination will propel you to a successful financial career.