Technology has revolutionized the world in the recent few years. With the advent of new technology, every sector is expanding online. It has created a need for massive space to store such a huge amount of data online. Thus, data centres are providing code vaults for storing data securely. 

Datacenter companies like Equinix, Digital Realty, Verizon, Cyxtera Technologies, GitHub and Microsoft are building numerous infrastructures to meet the growing demand for data storage platforms. With the help of these code vaults, an individual can store photographs, videos, documents, some confidential data, or possessions safe and prevent the risk of theft.

As we know, storing data online has its advantages and disadvantages. On one side, it is making our work life easy, convenient, and hassle-free, and on the other side, it is making us vulnerable to cyber threats. Thus, it is crucial to understand the difference between data handling and data management. Also, an individual can opt for data analytics programs to better understand data and how it can benefit one’s career.

Data Handling vs Data Management

Data Handling involves storing or disposing of data in a secured manner. It has to do with the entry and storage of data that can be retrieved later. This collection, storage, and retrieval of data can be done both by manual and automated measures. The data is of huge importance to the firms because it can present a lot of information about the functionality of an organization. 

This is where Data Management comes into play, it deals with the usage of previously collected and sorted data to analyze and present insights that can make or break a firm. These firms use data analytics for this purpose, and since data of this sort is generated in huge volume, hence, big data plays a significant role here.

Insights into Big Data

Big Data is the collection of data in a massive volume. It is one of the forms of data that is growing every day and every minute. Social Data, Machine Data and Transactional Data contribute to the generation of Big Data. Big Data is so huge that it cannot be stored through any traditional data storage tool. Additionally, processing Big Data with conventional data storing tools with efficiency is quite a complex process. 

Industries are using Big Data to gain information about customers, which they utilize in targeting potential customers. The 5 V’s- Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value is behind making Big Data a massive business for industries around the world.

Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op program and its benefits

It is a one-year program focusing on providing essential knowledge required in analyzing data and improving decision-making skills for running a business successfully. After completing the course, a student is offered the roles of Data Analyst, Data Mining Analyst and Business Analyst. 

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