An English writing tool helps in providing some useful functionality that further contributes in improving the quality of the article and blog and improving the writing skills as well. If you are a writer and English is not your mother tongue, there are chances that you might get stuck with the errors in your article or blog.


Grammarly is the top English writing tool. This is a very useful tool especially for the beginners, who want to improve their English writing skills. You may perform the spell check, grammar check and plagiarism check with the help of this tool. With the use of this tool, you can easily and quickly perform the checks. This will give you a chance to know about the mistakes that you make.

Ginger Software

Another tool that helps in improving your online writing skills in English is the Ginger software. This tool also checks the grammatical errors, writing errors, spelling mistakes and much more. The ginger tool is available for free for the users to download and install. However, the tool is restricted to some count of checks per week. You are able to check all the errors and correct them just by a single click. But, after you have completed the limit, you are asked for a subscription. With the help of ginger, you are able to perform the subject-verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, misused word corrections.

Outline Correction

Outline correction is another free tool that is available to find spelling mistakes and basic grammar mistakes. With the help of this tool, you are able to put your text in the website text area and then click on the submit button. By clicking on the submit button, the site helps you with the corrections of your mistakes. This tool has certain colors for the different types of mistakes like Blue color shows grammar error, pink color tells about typo mistakes, orange colors depicts the capitalization error and much more.

Word Counter

Today many students are assigned the academic tasks that have to be done somehow and as per the required guidelines. Thus, in such a case, this tool plays a vital role.

‘Word counter’ as the name suggests, counts the number of words in the document that you have created. It also gives you a clear picture of the number of characters, headings, phrases, and paragraphs.

Apart from all these, the tool can determine the reading level that makes it easier for you to comprehend the content accordingly. With the use of this tool, you can also find out about the words that are being highly clichéd.

Online Spellcheck

Online Spellcheck is another online tool that helps in performing spelling checks for your content. You can also find out the common grammatical mistakes in your content. All you have to do is to copy the text and paste it on the website, and click the ‘check text’ to check the errors.

Hemingway Editor

Undoubtedly, producing the content that is easily readable will surely help you stand apart from others. Thus, by using the Hemingway Editor you get a chance to test your content and find out the amount of readability it holds.

This is a free editor that you can use as it helps you in providing various suggestions to correct your content. Another feature of this app is that it is capable of capturing the sentences that contain many passive voices, adverbs, etc. This is one of the great tools that will surely ease your work.


Another website that you can use to check your content is Duplichecker. The main aim of this website is to check the duplicate content in your text. For this, you need to upload the content in the form of text. You will further be provided with two options, whether you want to upload the text file or you directly put the content. All the duplicate text is then displayed once checked.


Plagiarisma is the best tool that is used to detect copyright breach in any of your content. Copyright means that your content has some kind of duplicity. It is obvious that if the content is not unique, you will not be able to progress as a writer. It is important for you to write unique content. Use this tool to find any kind of plagiarism in the content.

The Final Words

At the end, you must make use of these tools while you write English. These will not only help you write accurately but will help you know as to how to correctly frame sentences. Use them regularly and make it a habit to keep on checking your content.