Having your first home is one of the biggest accomplishments you could have. And moving into one is a moment any first-time homeowner would never forget. But it can get overwhelming as well, with all the appliances and furnishings you have to get to make your home a home.

Let’s start with the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where the family gets together for a hearty meal after a long day at work or school. It is the area where many bonding moments happen. The kitchen not only needs to be beautiful, but also it has to, foremost, be functional. That is where kitchen appliances come in.

List of basic kitchen appliances must-haves

Do note that home kitchen appliances are big-ticket investments, so make sure to get ones that will serve your needs and get the most use out of for the price.

Refrigerator and freezer

A refrigerator is an essential appliance because it stores all your food and keeps them fresh and cold. A fridge with a freezer is the most ideal for homes. Some models have the freezer on top; others have it at the bottom. Other models have a two-door style, with the freezer occupying one door and the fridge the other half.

Additionally, look for a refrigerator with the following features: adjustable shelves so that you can make room for large items of food or containers, drawers for added storage, particularly for fruits and vegetables, electric temperature controls for more accurate temperature, and ice makers that are better than conventional ice trays just because these maximize the space in your freezer.

Stove, oven, range, or hobs

When choosing an appliance to cook food on, determine which is the best for you: a stove, oven, range, or hob. A stove is basically a freestanding cooking appliance without an oven. An oven is a “box” or chamber without external burners that you use for roasting and baking. A range has both functions, while a hob is a built-in, permanent cooking fixture.

  • Stove – As mentioned, stoves are freestanding cooking appliances with external burners. These can run on gas or electricity. The gas stove is cookware-friendly, has better heat control, durable, cost-effective, and emergency-ready. It also is easier to clean up, distributes heat evenly, and is energy efficient. Lastly, there’s less risk of gas leaks when using a stove.
  • Oven – An oven can be used for cooking, heating, roasting, baking, and grilling food. There are many types of oven: home, wall, industrial, and earth ovens. The three latter types can use either gas or electricity to cook food. Depending on the model, you can control the oven’s temperature either through a control button or dial.
  • Range – A range is the combination of a stove and wall oven, giving you an all-in-one cooking solution. Ranges come in various styles and sizes, depending on the needs of your family and size of your kitchen. But their designs are meant to slide right into your countertops for a seamless built-in look. Similarly, ranges are available in gas, electric, or both.
  • Hob – A hob or cooktop can be installed in a section of a countertop, so that it is on the same level as your kitchen countertop. This type of appliance is best suited for compact kitchens because it is neither bulky nor too small, as hobs are available in various sizes ranging from two to five burners. In addition, hobs are available in both gas and electric varieties.


A hood is more than a fan on top of your stove; it keeps the kitchen from smelling foul or being covered in smoke while cooking. In addition, hoods also clean and recirculate the air in the kitchen, and some can even remove airborne grease.

Hoods come in different sizes depending on your kitchen’s size and finishes depending on your style and preference. These are also available in trapezoid, wall-mounted, and island styles. Another benefit of a range hood is the extra lighting it provides while cooking.

Microwave oven and toaster

Microwave ovens and toasters are handy to have, especially when you are pressed for time in the morning as you get ready to go to work. A microwave can help you heat food faster because the electromagnetic waves that bounce within it thoroughly heat the food without browning or making it crisp.

A toaster, on the other hand, cooks the food using infrared radiation. The heat then warms the interior of the toaster, cooking the food from the outside in, allowing it to brown, crisp, or toast—things that a microwave oven can’t do. Sizes and prices differ depending on the style and food capacity of the appliance.

Coffee machines

Coffee machines make for a great addition to the kitchen, especially if you are the type that needs a cup of Joe to function. In today’s market, there are plenty of models to choose from. It all depends on how much you love your coffee and how fancy you want it to be.

A drip coffee maker is a good way to start before upgrading to the more advanced coffee makers, such as those that come with a milk frother for either cappuccino or macchiato. A grinder will also help you grind whole coffee beans for fresher and better coffees all day, every day.

Sink, faucet, or dishwasher

A sink and a faucet are always a must-have in any kitchen, but with advancing technologies, a faucet is no longer just a faucet. Faucets now come with so many features, including pull-out sprays, hot and cold water levers, swivel spouts, adjustable spout height, and touchless or smart touch faucets, to name a few.

However, if washing dishes becomes too overwhelming, especially on long days, you can opt for a dishwasher to save time and energy. Just pile your dirty dishes into the machine, and in 30 minutes, out comes sparkling clean plates and glasses.

Helping hands in the kitchen

These kitchen appliances are great additions to your home and can make chores a breeze or even a joy to do. Just remember to always practice kitchen safety when preparing and cooking meals and store dishes and kitchen utensils, especially the sharp ones.