Are you planning an adventurous rafting tour to the Grand Canyon? Advantage Grand Canyon has a team of experts that have excursed all the routes on a range of rafts in the grand Colorado River. To assist our customers in finding their dream tour, we work in close association with all 15 outfitters. Moreover, we have presented all the information (regarding routes and rafts) on our exceptional website.

You can navigate through our website and find yourself the most suitable and desirable trip depending on the trip duration, raft type, and route selection. The tour duration may depend on the raft and the route you fancy. We have a variety of motorized and non-motorized rafts, including paddle, oar, hybrid, and dory. More to your wonderment, you can select a route that appeals to you the most. We offer rafting in Upper Canyon, Lower Canyon, Western Canyon, and if you like a deeper dive, Full Canyon of the Colorado River.

Plan By Raft

You can either plan your trip by choosing the raft you like or by going with the route of your choice. We have a variety of rafts, including non-motor rafts (paddle/oar/hybrid) and motorized rafts. The trip duration usually depends on the number of miles you want to cover. We offer different durations ranging from a 3-day (88 river miles) short trip to 12-18 days (280 river miles) full canyon trip. You can find all the details you need on our super-detailed website.

Plan By Route

There are four different routes that cover the entire river. You can choose full canyon, upper canyon, lower canyon, and western canyon, whatever suits you. You can find all the necessary information you need on a single platform. We offer over 1,000 exciting trips and make custom itineraries as per your desires. Let us walk you through the details of each plan: what’s in it for you what not.

Full Canyon Rafting

If you’re an adventure enthusiast and love going on long journeys, then our full canyon rafting tour is the best choice for you. It is a12-18 days (non-motor raft) grand tour that starts at Lee’s Ferry and ends at Lake Mead. It has multiple viewpoints for sightseeing, such as House Rock, Unkar, and Lava Falls.

Imagine sleeping under shining stars in a new camp every night, and waking up to expertly brewed coffee in the morning. You can do it! Our tour guides are not experts at geology and history only but cook delicious meals as well. During the full canyon trip, you will experience multiple side-canyon hikes, and that will make your tour more fun.

Upper Canyon Rafting

The upper canyon trip only includes the upper-division river rafting. It begins at Lee’s Ferry in the Marble Canyon and ends near river mile 88 (at Phantom Ranch). It also includes 7-9 miles of a side-canyon hike that will make your voyage worth your time. It has multiple attraction points where you can amaze yourself with a rich history. At the end of this upper-canyon adventure, there’s hike-out for you. You will have to hike your way out through the Bright Angel Trail that is well maintained.

Lower Canyon Rafting

Lower Canyon trip begins from 3 different starting points depending on your itinerary. The first point is the South Rim in Grand Canyon Village and has a downward hike to the river. The real adventure begins once you get into your raft. Now you just let the water ripple and flicker all around you while pleasing your eyes with mesmerizing views of the towering canyon walls, waterfalls, and multiple species of flora and fauna. We offer the best whitewater rafting experience!

Western Canyon Rafting

Our western canyon rafting trip is the most exciting and thrilling trip that you’ll ever have. It begins Whit-more Wash and ends at Lake Mead. You’ll travel almost 100 river miles while enjoying the scenic beauty. Lake Mead is on the shores of 2 states: Nevada and Arizona. It is easily approachable from Las Vegas, where your trip ends.

The most adventurous part of this trip is the spellbinding flight, which starts from Las Vegas and ends at Bar 10 Ranch. It is a 1,000-acre cattle ranch where you’ll have grass-fed cow meat for lunch and multiple fun activities such as skeet shooting, horse riding, and volleyball. And yes, don’t forget the nights you’ll spend sleeping under the stars in cozy Conestoga wagons that will bring you back to the late 18th century.

Why Advantage Grand Canyon?

We have all the information you need and cover everything that revolves around the river rafting. We work with all top 15 outfitters of the Grand Canyon. Search for your trip with Advantage Grand Canyon, and let us make your whitewater rafting retreat a special one!