Are you wrestling with the idea of hiring a maths tutor before your child’s important exams? While this might be an idea that your child is not overly excited about, it is a move that can help them achieve their full potential. Maths is a difficult subject, but it is also one that is highly respected by colleges and job interviewers. So, if you are able to get a good grade, this is going to set you up well for the future.

If you want to explore the idea of getting a maths tutor, you will need to start with understanding how they can help your child before exams. Let’s take a closer look at the ways they can help.


Extra Maths Time

One of the reasons that students often struggle with maths if that they feel like they do not have enough time. In other words, lessons can seem short and they do not get enough individual learning time to cover the topics they find difficult. After all, the teacher has a lesson plan for the whole class and it can be hard to know when an individual student needs more time with a topic.

When you use a maths tutor, they can dedicate time to difficult topics. A student can communicate what they want to work on and why they are finding it hard. Then, a maths tutor can create a personalised lesson plan to help with this. As a result, your child can revise that topic, grow confident with the process of solving problems and hopefully, perform better in exams. There is that popular phrase; practice makes perfect.

Go At Your Own Pace

Unfortunately, when you are in a big class at school, you do not always go at a pace that is comfortable for learning. In other words, a teacher will go over a maths topic and move on even if you have difficulty understanding it. Often, they will not know this but have to keep going to get through all of the topics before the exam.

The good thing about getting a maths tutor is they can work at a child’s own pace. Since they offer a tailored learning experience, children are able to move at a speed that is comfortable for their learning. This is simply something that teachers cannot do in busy classrooms.

Removal from a Competitive Environment

A lot of people do not realize how the classroom environment can affect students. For example, they often see it as a competitive environment, which can bring stress and anxiety into the classroom. If your child is struggling to understand something, but everyone around them seems to be doing well, this can be upsetting and rob them of their confidence.

With a maths tutor, this is a way you can restore a healthy learning environment. Since it is one-to-one learning, there is going to be nobody else there to disrupt the process. Students can concentrate on the maths topics and not what is going on around them or the pace of others.

Immediate Feedback

Think about when your child has homework. They do the maths sums and then they hand them to their teacher. They either get the questions right or wrong. Often, this does not allow the student to learn what they have done wrong or how they can improve. A teacher does not have the time to go around all pupils.

But, a maths tutor is going to provide students with immediate feedback. They can go over topics and the answers, as well as explain what a student can do to improve. This provides a pupil with the chance to learn on the spot and when things are fresh in their minds.

Practice the Exam Format

One of the reasons why students are nervous ahead of exams is because they do not know what to expect on the day. They do not know how maths problems will be presented to them and this causes unnecessary stress.

With a tutor, they can go over past papers and familiarize your child with the exam format. This can help with confidence and having an idea of what is going to happen on the day. It also gets them used to working to a deadline and knowing they only have so long to answer each question. So, this should mean that they can finish the paper during the exam and answer all of the questions confidently and with time to spare.