The modern kitchen has significantly evolved and has truly become a place for comfort, enjoyment, and all things heart-warming and delicious. Thanks to the advances in interior design and home technology, the so-called “heart and soul” of the home is no longer just a place for food preparation, but also an optimized point that helps the family bond together after a long, busy day at work or school.

The kitchen has become so important that it has received the most investments when it comes to home renovation projects. Many homeowners these days spend thousands of dollars in remodeling to make their kitchen look brand new, while those with limited financial resources opt to cabinet refacing to instantly uplift the look of their kitchen space.

However, while the process of making the kitchen visually appealing can be quite straightforward, ensuring that it stays odor-free in the long-term is a more challenging task. Due to constant use, along with the busy schedule of the household, the kitchen is prone to dirt buildup which will not only make the place look filthy but could also smell awful.

While a thorough clean up can help remove the odor-causing agents in the kitchen, there are ways that you can make it stay fresh over the long haul. To give you a better insight, here are the main points of the infographic below from Mr. Cabinet Care, which discusses in detail some of the simple and actionable ways to eliminate bad smells in your kitchen:

  1. Putting an open box of baking soda in the fridge.
  2. Using a lemon juice.
  3. Keeping the ventilation going.
  4. Regularly dispose of your sponges.
  5. Clean as you cook.

To learn more on how you can apply these tips and why they are so effective in removing unwanted odor in the kitchen space, check out the full infographic below.

ways to eliminate bad smell in the kitchen