Whether it be the drawers, cabinets, or tables, wood tends to be a vital part of every home. However, preserving the beauty of this precious fixture is no easy feat. Over time wood surfaces may end up getting damaged with discoloration, scratches, and stains. Therefore, there may be a need to fix the stained wood.

Wood Furniture and Stains

Wood furniture is timeless and has always been able to capture the hearts of people across the world.

It is second nature for humans to want their living space to be positive and pleasant. Homeowners love to decorate their houses with graceful wood furniture. People strive to ensure that every item placed indoors adds to the charm of the property.

It is no surprise that countless people choose wood to adorn their homes. According to Market Report LLC, the wood furniture market is experiencing a 4.4% compound annual growth rate. There is no exaggeration when one claims that this wonderous material is here to stay forever.

There are various ways in which wood furniture may need to be fixed. Sometimes white rings appear on wood because of beverage glasses. Therefore, homeowners should encourage the use of coasters to prevent such issues from manifesting. In other instances, the wood stain may end up fading because of exposure to sunlight and fluorescent lights. Luckily, restoring the wood to its original grandeur is way easier than you think.

Below are some tried and tested ways to fix stained wood:

Apply a quality Stain and Sealant

Looking for a superior finish that enhances the look of your wood furniture? Consider using a quality wood stain and sealer.  All such products will make you feel like a pro, and the results will also leave you pleased.

After all, you will be able to choose whichever shade pleases you regardless of whether it is natural cedar or dark walnut. The best thing about using such products that they will undoubtedly give you that specific look you envisioned for the wood.

Applying a wood stain is a simple process. Therefore, people interested in DIY renovation projects may prefer this option.  Before settling for any stain and sealer, research your options thoroughly. After all, choosing the right wood stain will help you save both money and time.

Stain the Wood Naturally

Did you know that some vinegar can be used to darken the appearance of the wood? Different vinegar solutions lead to different stain outcomes. Therefore, this option may be a little overwhelming as a DIY renovation project because it requires research, but it is inexpensive.

Any passionate DIYer should be careful about choosing between balsamic, apple cider, or untreated vinegar. Moreover, you may want to see the impact of the vinegar selected on the type of wood you are naturally staining. Do not jump into this procedure without studying the results.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is an oil-based product that can get inside the wood and attack the moisture effectively.

You should have no qualms of trying out this technique as the associated risk is negligible. All you have to do is cover up white spots with petroleum jelly and leave it for a few hours. After sometime, take a soft cloth, and clean away the residue. One advantage of this method is that there is almost no risk of damaging the wood. Apart from that, it is also a financially viable option.

Unattended water spills often result in white stains on wood. However, you do not always have to go out of your way to fix them. Petroleum jelly ensures the trapped moisture is eliminated from wood surfaces. If you are not pleased with the results of this technique, do not lose hope. You need to repeat the process and leave the jelly on the stain for longer.

Use Baking Soda and Toothpaste

At times, a white ring may appear on your wood table if you place a sweating glass on it without a coaster. However, this is likely to happen when the finish has worn out over time. If you are looking for a short-term solution to remove white stains from the wood, try using baking soda and toothpaste.

Take the two materials in equal parts and mix them. Then apply the mixture to the white stain and rub it in a circular motion for some while. This procedure is sweet to the wallet and is competent enough to remove white spots. Who knew that these everyday household products have such capabilities?

Rub with Furniture Polish

If you have successfully removed white stains, you should consider applying furniture polish to the entire wood surface.

The aim is to make the furniture shine like it’s brand new. So all you have to do is use furniture polish to achieve that rich luster of the wood. Applying polish will ensure that any remaining marks and dirt on the surface are also cleaned. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, the polish can be buffed out with any soft dry cloth.

Car Wax

Some people advocate the effectiveness of car wax in giving wood a majestic finish.

This substance is useful to deal with bumps and blemishes in the wood due to wear and tear. While wood furniture polish is pretty expensive, car wax is way more affordable. Therefore, you may opt to utilize it and rejuvenate the wood furniture.

Be vigilant and make sure the car wax is transparent; otherwise, you risk affecting the color of your possessions. Apart from that also ensure that it has no silicon in it as that can prove to be problematic.

The Final Verdict

Refinishing stained wood is an undertaking that will result in a fulfilling outcome. Luckily, many options are merciful to the pocket. However, to achieve the best result, you must rely on a superior wood stain and sealer, even if it takes some extra dollars. Other options may not be as satisfying, but they serve as quick fixes.

Before opting for any technique, you should scrutinize the procedure to ensure effectiveness. Wood is an irreplaceable part of every home, and it is here to stay for eternity.