As we all know that our body gives a signal when we feel tired. Unfortunately, you often used to experience tired days with a poor sleeping. In fact, we can say that according to the researchers it has proved that people who sleep less than seven hours get the bigger risk of the many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, PCOD etc.  So it is important that the good sleep you take a healthy life you will live.

Due to higher studies or jobs, people did not get that much time to sleep. The centers of disease control and prevention state that most of the people have poor sleeping as one of the health problems.

Some researchers say that poor sleeping also associated with high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, blood vessel diseases, depression, stress, smoking and drinking alcohol.

Unfortunately, a sleeping disorder more happens to obese people or if they have overweight. So when they go for sleep they usually do the snoring loudly because their bronchioles have blocked for a temporary time.

On the other hand, sleeping is not a job that can be paid at the weekend. So you should have some time to build better sleeping habits.

In this article, we are going to discuss the signs that better for you and tells that you have the poor sleeping pattern

Get frustrated if someone asks simple questions?

When you decide something, you get easily frustrated. You will not take the right decision as you feel tired and sleepy all the time. When you tired you will get the difficulty to differentiate the essential and relevant things.

Your poor sleeping pattern makes your body and brain tired and get the difficulty to think other responsibilities work. Even though when someone asks you from the simple things you will get irritated and not able to tell anything.

You eat all day but still feel hungry?

Many of the researchers show that poor sleeping habit disturbs the all boy system. Due to the poor pattern of sleep, it can also disturb the blood sugar rate as it causes in your body to produce the less leptin. Because leptin is the type of hormone that makes your stomach feel as full and satisfied.

In the body, due to the physiologic change, you will able to eat too much easily. The food at that time you eat is also less nutritious. The people who sleep less from the normal hours they eat more carbohydrates as they think like stomach has full with these ingredients.


It may be because their body needs a kind of spirit trigger. A poor sleeping will also make you feel more hungry frequently because your body needs the sweet things more.

Feeling restless all the time?

As we all know if we sleep less we get the higher chances of diseases. So at the same time sleeping fewer means get more risk to be the infected virus. This is based on proper research.

It shows that people who sleep less from their normal hours more chances to come down with flu as you can also compare with those who have the proper sleep according to the hours.

Not able to control your emotions?

The people who have less pattern of sleep are more susceptible for their as well as other emotions. Research has proved that it is the part of the brain that cannot work maximally. And we all know that whatever the reactions and actions do our body it all depends on our brain.

There is one messenger or neurotransmitter who sends the signal to the brain for controlling and starting the activities. In addition to that when you sleep less brain also saves negative memories than the positive. As a result, you will prone to stress or depressed.

From all these circumstances the study has also revealed that the people who have less pattern of sleep can improve their sleeping pattern by taking the zopiclone for sleep medication.

Feeling careless?

People who sleep less also have declining motor ability. People who always feel sleepy also count as a more careless person. Their reflexes cannot function perfectly as they focus less on their work because of sleep deprivation.


If you feel that you are more prone to these signs and diseases and needs to improve your quality of sleep then you should also talk to the doctor. A physician can recommend for you according to the lifestyles changes or other therapies and medication that improve your sleeping pattern.