One of the key differences between Android and iOS is the extensive customization capability of the former. With Android you can customize almost every part of your smartphone experience, something that is not possible with iOS. There’s no dearth of launchers available in Play Store that can change every part of your smartphone’s user interface right from the home screen to app drawer to the way notifications are shown. One such launcher is Nova Launcher Prime, and there’s a good chance that you might’ve heard about it already.

However, if you’ve not used it till date and want to know more about it before using it… or if you want to use it without paying for it, you’ve reached the right place. Here we’re going to tell you everything about Nova Launcher Prime– including how can you get its APK file for free. Let’s get started.

What is Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Launcher Prime is the premium version of Nova Launcher, which provides even more features than the free version. It has got so many features that you can customize almost every part of your Android smartphone with its help. And the best part is that you also don’t need to pay for it as here we’re going to tell you how to get it free of cost. Just don’t forget to pay the developers for supporting them once you can afford to pay!

Nova Launcher Prime Features

Before you download it let’s take a look on the unique features of Nova Launcher Prime that you don’t get in the basic version:

  1. Gestures: The launcher will allow you to easily launch your favorite apps without having to look up their icons. You can set up simple gestures that can be drawn on the home screen to directly launch any particular app. You can also set up actions that are performed when you swipe over the icon of any particular app.
  2. Smart management for app drawer: Nova Launcher Prime allows you to hide any apps that you don’t use from your app drawer to keep the app drawer as clean and uncluttered as possible. Moreover, you can also create folders and tabs within the app drawer by using this launcher.
  3. More scrolling effects: The basic version of Nova Launcher also comes with scroll effects, but it keeps the experience limited. With Nova Launcher Prime you get access to many more scrolling effects.

Now let’s see how you can download Nova Launcher Prime for free.

Nova Launcher Prime APK Download

Downloading Nova Launcher Prime APK is not too difficult. Just follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit this link on using your smartphone.
  • Your phone will ask you to choose a preferred download location through a pop-up. In the pop-up you can also change the name of the file if you want to.
  • Once you’re done with these things, just hit Save/Download/OK button (whichever is available in your phone) and your download will start automatically. It will be a small file of 8.4 mb. Allow it to download completely.
  • Once downloaded, you can follow the instructions outlined in the next section to install it.  

If you visit the link on your PC, your browser will download the file automatically as soon as you open the page linked above. Once downloaded completely you will have to transfer it to your smartphone, which you can do easily either through data cable or through SHARE it.  

Nova Launcher Prime APK Installation

Installing Nova Launcher Prime is also as easy as it was to download it. Once you have the downloaded APK file in your phone, given below is the procedure that you can follow to install it:

  1. Go to the Settings menu of your phone.
  2. Tap Security to open Security settings.
  3. Scroll down and look for ‘Unknown sources’ feature.
  4. Enable it if not enabled already, which will be the case for a majority of devices.
  5. Now go to your phone’s file manager.
  6. Open the folder in which you had saved Nova Launcher Prime APK file.
  7. Tap the file and select ‘Install’ to start installation.
  8. The installation procedure will take some time to finish.
  9. Allow it to finish.

And that’s it. You’ve successfully installed Nova Launcher Prime APK. Now you can head over to its icon to activate it.


Nova Launcher Prime is famous because of its unique customization capabilities that you won’t find in many other launchers. That is what makes it one of the most popular premium launchers for Android. And if you can get it for free, that doesn’t leave any reason to not use it. So download it by following the procedure outlined above and thank us later!