Are you a person with diabetes looking for ways through which you can successfully control your sugar levels and live a longer healthier life? Then look no further.

Diabetes may sound like a disease that is easy to manage, but in reality, it’s not. Since it has no cure, you can only handle it, and failure to effectively do so could lead to serious health issues.

In this article, you’ll find out how you can satisfactorily control diabetes at home with little to no visits to the doctor.


8 Ways to Control Diabetes

Find out More about Diabetes

Learning the ins and outs of diabetes will help to control your sugar levels at home successfully. To find out more about this disease, you can do all or either of the following:

  • Find out if the hospital you go to offers training on diabetes then join.
  • Carry out research online.
  • Look for support groups. A support group will most likely consist of other people with the same disease and a specialist.
  • By reading widely, you can learn a lot about this disease.

Consume Healthy Foods

Whether diabetic or not, eating healthy is not debatable. However, when you get diabetes, making healthy eating decisions is paramount. As such, foods high in fiber and low calories are good for diabetic patients.

Also, take more fruits and vegetables. Ensure you are always hydrated by drinking lots of water and avoiding drinks with high sugar levels. If you must take juices, invest in a good blender and use fruits for your liquids.
You can also consult a nutritionist on coming up with a diet plan.

Work Out Regularly

If you want to keep your sugar levels in check, exercise. You can comfortably exercise at home if you can’t afford to go to the gym.

Before you embark on any workouts, consult your doctor that way you’ll have adequate knowledge on what you should or shouldn’t do.

Also, come up with a schedule that shows which exercises are to be and done when. If you can afford a trainer, the better as they will make sure you do each work out that you need to.

Avoid Stress

Stress is a significant helper to high blood pressure which in return leads to high sugar levels. In life, stressful circumstances are imminent; however, since it could negatively affect your sugar levels, avoid it.

Whenever you find yourself in stressful situations, go exercise, dance, read lyrics of songs, meditate, talk to someone or do anything that will help you get relieved. Learning how to handle stress could help you effectively manage diabetes.

Stop Smoking

Smoking could be a habit that is very difficult to overcome. Whereas some people consider it a stress reliever, its effect on human health is adverse.

If you are a diabetic person finding it difficult to quit smoking, seek professional assistance by either consulting your doctor or joining a rehabilitation center.

Quitting smoking any substance, be it weed or cigarettes will drastically reduce your visits to the doctor thus enabling you to control your sugar levels at home.

Quit Drinking Alcohol

Just like smoking, taking alcohol could have severe health consequences to a diabetic person. If consuming alcohol is a routine for you, consider reducing your intake over time until it reaches a point where you no longer drink.

If quitting drinking alcohol is almost impossible for you, find professional help by either joining a rehabilitation center, support group or consult a physician. Also, avoid keeping the company of friends and family that take alcohol until you are completely over the urge to drink.

Take Your Medication

To successfully control diabetes, ensure to take your medicines daily or as prescribed by your doctor whether you are feeling okay or not. Whether you are taking insulin or any other medication, do so religiously.

Always check expiry dates before taking your medication. If you are using syringes, make sure they are ever clean by either boiling or sanitizing them.

Go for Check-ups

As you manage diabetes at home, it’s critical for you to go for checkups as recommended by the doctor to make sure that all is well. If you suspect that all is not well, seek medical assistance the soonest possible.

Also, some tests should be done each time you visit the doctor as well as yearly. Make sure to carry out all these tests to ensure that you live a healthy life void of complications.


Everyone wants to exist a longer healthier life and more so if your sugar levels are high. Diabetes is a dangerous disease as it may also trigger illnesses such as heart attack, kidney failure, and stroke. Your blood vessels, eyes and feet could also get affected.

Always make it a plan to check your sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight and every little thing that concerns diabetes as doing so will enable you to act as and when needed.

As time goes by, there are invention new treatments, and thus you should always be up to date through reading and research.

Finally, remember that a long, healthy and happier life begins with you.