While high school teaching is rewarding and fulfilling for educators, you’re ready to move up to college teaching. Despite the enjoyment you’ve had throughout the years, you might find that you’re feeling a strong sense of impending burnout, which Edutopia finds isn’t uncommon. It makes sense that you want to continue learning and growing, just as you guide your students to do.

How to become a college professor from high school teacher?

If you feel like it’s time to make a move from high school teacher to college professor, you might wonder how to get started, whether you should explore the job market first or find out how to further your education.

Here are four ways to help you get started on your new educational career path.

Search for Cross-Over Opportunities

In some circumstances, teachers can work in college settings in a cross-over capacity. According to Inside Higher Ed, high school faculty can sometimes perform cross-over work with a willing, local university that needs someone in an adjunct or part-time permanent teaching capacity. In such cases, you would not fall under the heading of “professor.” Instead, you would work as a staff member.

To work in a full-time community college faculty position, you’ll need to earn the minimum required credentials, such as a Master of Arts in Teaching. Many teachers have those or similar credentials, but many do not. In the end, your local community college might need your specific educational discipline and your talent, even without all the required credentials.

Obtain Certification in Your Field of Study

Depending on your teaching field and how you want to proceed in your college teaching aspirations, you might need to obtain certification, licensure or registration in addition to earning an advanced degree. This step is usually required when you work in a vocational or technical setting, teaching subjects like health, education, accounting or engineering.

Offer Tutoring Services to College Students

One of the best things you can do is build on your expertise by updating your skills and training. One way to do this is to tutor college students in your spare time. Place notices on local college bulletin boards, social media platforms and forums, offering your services in person or virtually. With this strategy, you can gain firsthand knowledge of key nuances between the high school and college learner and their learning materials without committing to a college cross-over teaching position.

Earn Your Master of Arts in Teaching

Finally, to help cement your preparation for teaching at the college level and become a professor, commit to earning your Master of Arts in Teaching degree online. Your program will offer you a balanced load of graduate courses in education studies and content, such as English, math and history. You might also need to complete a thesis paper. With an online course program, this path to becoming a college professor might be the fastest way to fulfill the requirements and impress hiring managers at colleges.

Start Working on Your Path to an Exciting New Career as a College Professor

Most professionals need a shake-up from time to time, and making the leap from high school teacher to college professor is completely logical and exciting. Fortunately, there are at least four pathways to achieving your dream career that all work together. Searching for existing opportunities and learning what education and skills you need to help the university, taking some extra courses and earning your Master of Arts degree online will get you into college again in no time.