How to play baseball – basic rules in baseball beginners? If you want to become a good baseball player, then you should have a clear understanding of baseball, at the beginner level.

As a new player, the baseball rules and roles in the field may seem a bit tricky and confusing.

But trust me, once you have a clear understanding of the game, you will enjoy the game more. So, let’s discover what are the important basic rules, how to set up a team, and basic player positions.

How To Play Baseball – Basic Rules In Baseball Beginners

Every beginner player has a dream of becoming a great player one day. So, to become a good baseball player, you need to understand the basic important baseball rules, roles, positions, responsibilities, and strategies.

Basic Positions and Their Roles

As a beginner baseball player, it is very essential to understand every baseball position and its basic roles. So, I share the basic important baseball positions here to make you understand better.

You will find 9 core positions in baseball. So, the positions are –

important baseball positions
Figure – 1. Important baseball positions
  • Pitcher – A pitcher pitches the baseball to the catcher from the mound to start the play. There are some popular pitches types such as slider, change-up, curveball, 2-seam fastball, 4-seam fastball, etc. Also, there are different types of pitchers – starting pitcher, relief pitcher, closer. A pitcher’s uniform consists of a jersey, pants, belt, baseball cap, cleats, and socks.
  • Catcher – A catcher is one of the most demanding and hardest positions in baseball just like the pitchers. Also, it is another hard position. They also play a psychological role.  One of the main responsibilities of a catcher is to make the pitcher look good and confident. Also, they need to make smart throws.
  • First baseman – The first baseman plays a crucial role in youth baseball. They need to catch more throws. Also, they have to be a good vocal leader and should help cut down runners. A first baseman should focus on hand-eye coordination, footwork, and hit the cages.
  • Second baseman – The second baseman needs to field balls hit between the first and second base. It is a good position for a player who is fast and has a good glove.
  • Third baseman – A third baseman in baseball has to have a better understanding of double play, defensive skills, etc.
  • Shortstop – A shortstop is known as the captain of the infield. During communication among infielders, he needs to take charge of balls hit.
  • Left fielder – It is one of the three outfield positions in baseball. This position is known as corner-outfielders. They monitor the areas to the foul lines.
  • Center fielder – Here comes another important baseball position – center fielder. Because they work as the centerpiece of the defensive play of the team. They are known as the captain of the outfield. If you want to be a good center fielder, then you should work on your leadership ability, speed, hitting, etc.
  • Right fielder – A right fielder plays an important role in the defensive and offensive play in baseball for their team. They make great defensive play in the right field with speed and dexterity.

Equipment Required in Baseball

You will need some basic requirements to play baseball. Here, I will provide a list of required baseball types of equipment – you will need to play baseball.

equipment used in baseball
figure – 2. equipment used in baseball
  • Spikes – It is used to have better traction while running.
  • Baseball socks – Socks are an important piece for a player’s appearance. They are basically a part of the player’s uniform.
  • Baseball pants – Baseball pants are also a part of the player’s uniform. It is important to slide while they are on the field.
  • Sliding shorts – They are used to protect the player’s legs while sliding. They will protect players’ upper legs.
  • Baseball jersey – Baseball jerseys basically make the difference between the two teams on the field.
  • Baseball hat – While choosing a baseball hat, you should choose a comfortable one. Your baseball hat will protect you from the sunlight.
  • Baseball helmet – A baseball helmet will protect your head from the wild pitches. Always try to choose a comfortable baseball helmet.
  • Baseball gloves – They help to field a ball effectively and make a play. Mostly, there are four types of baseball gloves, you will find.
  • Protective cups – They are used to protect from serious injury.
  • Baseball bats – Generally, there are two types of baseball bats available – aluminum and wood. So, check which one is perfect for you before buying it.

Basic Rules In Baseball For Beginners

Before starting to get into the baseball field, as a beginner, you should know the basic rules of the game.

As you already know, you will need 9 players to form your team. After that, based on the requirements and other skills give the 9 basic roles to the player.

The game will last for 9 innings. Both teams will get the opportunity to get bat once in these 9 innings.

After picking the batting order, you cannot change it in the entire game. So, choose it wisely. But you can use substitutes. Keep in mind that the substituted player needs to play in the same position as the replaced player.

A run is scored in the baseball game – when a baseball player can run through all the bases and return to the home plate safely without getting himself out.

Every base should touch the batter’s body while running past. A batter can get up to 3 strikes. A batter can run to the next base when on the base. A player can be dismissed by – tag outs, fly out, force out, strikeouts.

The time duration of each baseball game may vary from league to league. Based on the league, it can last 6 to 9 innings.

How To Play Baseball?

After gathering knowledge about the basic baseball players, their roles, and the basic rules. Now, as a beginner, it is also important to know how to play baseball. So here, I will explain how to play baseball step by step.

baseball player
Figure – 3. A baseball player
  • Team set up

At first, you need to set up your team. You need at least 9 players. You can play with fewer players. Then you have to assign the players to different pitching roles such as pitcher, catcher, etc.

But always keep in mind that always wear safety measurements. For instance, a catcher use wears protective gear.  You need to choose the infielders and the outfielders.

  • Time for field set up

Now it is time for field set up and pitcher’s mound set up. Then, paint the four lines, batter’s boxes, and catcher’s boxes.

  • Offensive play

Offensive play consists of baserunners and batters. A baserunner is a batter who has already reached a base safely.  A batter is trying to reach a base safely. They both have to score runs.

Some common scenarios that offense can get out –

  • A fly ball is caught
  • Force out at first and force out at another base
  • Strikeout
  • Does not tag up
  • Defensive play

In the defensive play, the team needs to pitch the batters. The prime objective of defensive play is to stop the offense from scoring runs and getting hits.

Common Baseball Strategies

Here are some common strategies for beginners, who are started to learn about baseball.

  • Sacrifice fly

A sacrifice fly in baseball is a common strategy. It wins more games than your imagination. Though it is applicable when there are less than two outs.

  • Sacrifice burnt

A sacrifice burnt is quite similar to a sacrifice fly. In sacrifice burnt, a batter sacrifices himself to go to another runner who is closer to scoring.

Pro Advice

  • You need to understand the key strengths of your opponent’s team. So, study your opponent’s team and their moves.
  • To upgrade your reaction time, you need to practice different types of heavy exercises. For example, sprints, quick first-step drills, and so on.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What areas should I work on to improve reaction time?

If you want to upgrade your reaction time, you need to give more concentration on –  out in the field baseball acumen. Besides, to improve reaction time, players need to familiarize themselves with the situation and momentum.

  • Where should the umpire take his position in the baseball game?

Where should you place the umpires usually depends on the total number of the umpires.

For instance, if you have only one umpire, then the only umpire will take position behind the catcher.

Final Words

Learning how to play baseball – basic rules in baseball beginners properly will not require more than a few days or weeks.  So, if you want to be a better baseball player in the future, then try to understand, master, and familiarize yourself with the baseball rules and strategies properly.