Sharing your current location is one of the features that WhatsApp users can use. The app tracks your location in real time and allows you to share it with your contacts. This feature could come in handy, especially when you have a meeting or if you just want your friends to know where you are.

The use of live Fake location is purely optional and does not add or remove the use of any other function of the application. If you and your friends like it and like to observe where you are in the world, I suppose it has some use.

However, you can also fake your location on WhatsApp to make it look like you’re somewhere else. There may be a number of cases where we want to fake our location, like preparing a surprise for friends or family, making a joke, or when you’re away from home and we just don’t want anyone to know where you are. Whatever reason you may have, consider the consequences of your relationship (with whom you want to share your bogus location).

WhatsApp allows you to send your location by integrating Google Maps through Android smartphones. It shows the user the opposite side of their current location so they can take it as proof of where they are. So, most of you would want to send the fake location live to fool our friends. These are the best methods you will find on the Internet to share fake locations on WhatsApp with Android.

How to send fake live locations on WhatsApp with Android

There are currently two possible ways that you will find below. The easiest method among them is but easily detectable. Look at the tips below and choose the one that suits you best.

  • False using the map search method
  • Submit fake location using simulated location
  • Find out if someone sent you a fake live location
  • We have shared both how to send a fake location, using GPS, and whether someone is sharing a fake location.

Android smartphones allow users to make fun of the location, which also helps to pretend you’re in another region. Here is how to do it.

  • Download and install the fake GPS app from Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
  • Go to Settings> Developer options> Allow mock location. If you can’t see the developer options, go to Settings> About device> Tap “Build number” seven times and go back to the start-up settings.
  • Touch and hold GPS / Location in the quick settings drawer to enter GPS Settings. Set the GPS priority to “Device Only”.
  • Open the app and grant permissions.
  • Move the pin on the screen, place it anywhere in the world and tap the start button.
  • Your smartphone will start showing the location as the place where you set it. If you want to send the fake location on WhatsApp, you can set the location from the fake GPS app and send the “Current Location” from WhatsApp.
  • With this method, you can also SUBMIT A FAKE LOCATION WITH ANY APP.