Have you experienced the following cataclysm while doing laundry:

  • A shirt that was shiny white is now pink.
  • Glossy white is now dull and pale.
  • Multi color spots on your favorite shirt.

If yes, then you need to categorize your laundry effectively. Sort laundry seems to be a challenging task. That’s why most people put all their clothes together in the laundry, which causes disasters.

Laundry is essential for life because clean clothes significantly impact your personality and make you look smart. Most of us don’t know the effective and safer way of doing laundry. They simply throw the clothes into the washing machine, which causes damage to your clothes.

Laundry should be classified in its color, fabric type, weight, and washing requirement.

It’s really not challenging to settle laundry. Here we will discuss some simple steps to sort laundry.

sort laundry

Why Need To Sort Laundry?

Primarily laundry sorting accomplishes for the following three reasons:

  • Get the clothes clean
  • Protect clothes by running each other
  • Prevent from transferring of viruses and bacteria.

How to Settle Laundry Before Washing?

Is your laundry bucket peeking full? It’s time to wash them off, but we need to sort laundry before washing them.

There are different methods you should adopt to sort your laundry

  • Use separate laundry buckets for different types of clothes. This will make you tension-free and will be a time saver.
  • Try to make three sections of clothes: first for white color, second for light color, and third for black and dark colors.
  • You can even arrange your laundry at the last moment just before washing.

How to Categorize Laundry Items?

Categorizing your laundry items before washing is necessary. Here we will discuss some simple steps for categorizing laundry to make your life easier.

#1. Check Each Article

If you have a lot of laundry, it’s a good idea to check each article before washing. It allows you to separate dark and light color clothes from each other and separate those clothes with some special washing instructions.

Make sure to put the same type of article into the washing machine. Otherwise, they will be mixed up.

Read the washing instructions carefully while categorizing. If you don’t read the washing instructions carefully, you may damage your clothes.

#2. Categorized by Color

The first category to sort laundry is to sort them by their colors. This may prevent color transfer and save your light color clothes.

Make three sections by separating white, light, and dark colors accordingly. Make sure to wash every section individually.

#3. Sort by Fabric

We have clothes of different fabrics and textures, it’s very essential to separate them according to their surface because every fabric has its washing instructions. We can wash them with others this may lead to damage to our clothes.

Sort your fabric concerning the following steps.

Put all delicate items like lingerie, washable clothes, and any other thing you should want to keep away from the harsh detergent wash. Make sure to put them separately.

#4. Separate Soiled and Stained Clothes

If you have some articles in your laundry that are filthy and stained, try to keep them separately altogether with piles. These clothes may need some special treatment before washing. Also, they must pre-treating to avoid re-depositing soil and strain.

Make sure to use stain remover before washing so it may prevent strain deposits on other clothes.

#5. Make Sub-Category

If you are persistent with your laundry, then try to make a subcategory of clothes in the following manner:

  • Separate heavy articles like towels and bedding.
  • Separate kids and light color clothes.
  • Separate dark color clothes.

By making these sub-categories, you can protect your clothes from damage and can enjoy a safer laundry.

How to Streamline Laundry Organization?

Streamlining is essential for any organization to make their laundry successful and easy to use. There are different ways to simplify your laundry, but the following methods are considered the essential ways to get streamlined:

Strategize your Sorting

Sorting is dependent upon how often you do laundry. Either you need to use separate clothes hampers or do sorting at the time of washing. Indeed, it sounds like arduous work to do, but actually, sorting is not a challenging task. Consider it as a part of your daily routine work.

Presort laundry as you throw it into the hamper if you do multiple loads per week. If you only do one or two loads per week or are just one person, it may be easier and more time-efficient to sort before putting the clothes into your washing machine.

Invest in a Laundry Sorter

If you want to make a lot of money every week or want to settle a laundry, take a washing machine from a local home store. This can speed up and simplify the classification and washing process.

Determine precisely how much linen you do before buying a washing machine.

Buy your basket divided from a local home store. Most stores will have options ranging from two to six or seven pieces. Get an arranger that has many compartments when needed.

Make your Own Laundry Sorter

If you don’t want to spend money on a laundry bin or a partitioned basket, you can make it with items from all over the house. Homemade sorters facilitate the washing process and are as effective as the products purchased in the store.

For laundry, use boxes, shopping bags, and trash cans. Have one for each load of laundry. Buy individual baskets at your local hardware store. These can be placed on the laundry room floor with a label for each laundry basket.

Another option is to buy separate baskets of white,  light shades, and dark colours that require immediate attention and may need an “instant” basket.

Labelled buckets can guide you and your family so they know exactly which item fits in which basket. Consider giving each family a basket in their room to make the sorting process even more accessible.

Use Lingerie Bags

If you want to wash delicates and socks, invest in a laundry bag for each family. This protects delicate clothing and prevents inconsistencies or loss of sock pairs.

Socks and delicates often differ in color and fabric weight, so be sure to store them in separate bags. Try zippered pillowcases for soft socks if you don’t want to invest in a laundry bag.

Pin a pair of socks when rearranging the socks. Buy a lingerie bag from a simple mesh. Be careful that the mesh openings do not allow items to escape during washing. These bags can be purchased at most homes and grocery stores.

Combine Loads Whenever Possible

If you have a small amount of laundry that needs to be washed immediately, consider combining multiple items. Washing compatible clothing types can reduce labour and save energy, water, and detergents. Check the two loads to make sure they are compatible.

Tips and Tricks to Sort Laundry

Doing laundry is not a difficult task. Once you have settled your laundry, you can easily wash them efficiently without damage. Following are some tips and tricks for laundry sorting:

  • Label laundry hampers by color name or fabric to make it easy for family members to put them in a suitable hamper.
  • Use Pre-treatment or strained remover before washing
  • Do not throw away the bulk of clothes in the washing machine. Try to wash every section separately.
  • Use the best quality washing detergents.
  • Wash those items separately that are well known for dye bleeding.


Is it better to wash clothes with hot or cold water?

Most clothes should be washed with warm water because it offers good cleaning without fading. Warm water also removes viruses and bacteria from the clothes. But before using warm water, do not forget to read the washing instructions for clothes because some fabric types shrink with warm water.

Can you wash towels with your clothes?

No, towels may cause the transfer of bacteria to your clothes. So for sanitary purposes, you should wash your bath towel and clothes separately.

How do you get the cleanest laundry?

You can get the cleanest laundry by using natural products like soap, baking soda, and vinegar. If you want to use chemical products, then use a good quality detergent and stain remover. They will give the cleanest laundry without any cloth damage.


Doing laundry is not a challenging task if you do laundry after sorting. Laundry sorting is essential to wash clothes efficiently. We can prevent the clothes from getting damaged and dying from dark colors.

Arrange different labelled baskets at your home to categorize clothes. This will be easy for you and your family as well. Also, try to wash each section separately. Read the instructions carefully before washing and use warm water for efficient cleaning.