Want to bring a favorite and perfect story to stay forever on your Instagram profile? Just highlight it! You have probably seen it on favorite influencers, celebrities, or even on your friend’s profile. Have you tried it yourself?

No matter your industry, it is more effective and quick to incorporate Instagram story highlights into your social media marketing strategy.

Instagram story highlights is one of the eye-catching sections of your profile on Instagram. It is used to its maximum extent in every marketing strategy on the platform. And also, it’s a primary way to differentiate Instagram from other social media networks(like Snapchat and LinkedIn), so ensure you are utilizing it the most.

Don’t skip in between as you will miss out on making, editing, and using Instagram story highlights for your brand or business.

Note: The following points may differ based on whether you have an iPhone or Android! Also, bring the app updated to obtain better results.

Instagram Story Highlights

It is generally a story content on Instagram that you select to feature on your Instagram profile. Though Instagram stories disappear after a day from the time of uploading, these story content appears permanently via the Instagram highlights option on your brand’s profile page.

You could categorize your Instagram highlights into various collections depending on multiple topics such as food, friends, or travel.

Every collection is then visible on your brand’s profile page on the platform. If any user clicks on your collection’s cover photo, they can get every highlighted story content you have saved to that particular collection.

Instagram story highlights are handy for everyone to:

  • keep your glorious story content visible,
  • maintain crucial info accessible for every customer quickly, and
  • display your story content besides the Instagram feed(thus, it’s useful for users who land on your profile to check them out along with feeds).

Step-by-Step Procedure To Create Instagram Story Highlights

You can create and save highlights on Instagram in two methods!

Method – 1

    • Bring up a story content on Instagram.
    • Press the ‘Send To’ option.
    • Select ‘Close Friends Only’ or ‘Your Story’ to share.
    • You could tap the ‘Add to highlight’ option once you have selected these options.
    • You can create a new story highlight or add story content to an existing highlight.
    • See your Instagram profile to get your highlight displays!

Method – 2

    • Launch your profile on Instagram.
    • Tap the ‘+’ icon from your highlight section.
    • Choose a story or multiple stories from your archived stories list(stories that disappear after a day saves in the archive list).
    • Tap’ Next’.
    • Give the proper name(according to the collection) for your highlight.
    • Tap ‘Edit Cover’ to select a cover picture for this highlight collection.
    • Tap ‘Add’
    • See your Instagram profile for your new highlights.

Add A Cover Picture To Your Instagram Story Highlights

No issue if you forget to add a cover picture to your highlights, it is simple to bring:

  • Launch your profile on Instagram.
  • Click and hold the highlight you need to edit.
  • Tap ‘Edit Highlight.’
  • Tap ‘Edit Cover.’
  • Select any story content in that particular highlight collection to set as your cover picture.


  • Select an image from your gallery to set as your cover picture.

Use various tools like Easil, Canva to bring up your Instagram highlight eye-catching one for your Instagram profile. Then tap ‘Edit Cover’ to set up your externally designed attractive picture to your highlight cover, even not posting to stories.

Having cover pictures to your Instagram story highlights is unnecessary, but bringing them up makes your profile more professional, cohesive, and trustworthy. Generally, a cover picture for your content on Instagram brings massive visitors with automatic Instagram likes and shares which helps reach your content to a vast audience.

Add Content To Your Instagram Highlights

Most Instagram users doubt how to add images to the highlights. But it is a more straightforward process than creating a new highlight.

You can add a new image or story to the highlights on the platform via the following steps:

  • Launch Instagram stories.
  • Select the image that you want.
  • Craft your story content on Instagram(complete with hashtags, stickers, and emojis).
  • Press ‘Send To’ and select ‘Close Friends Only’ or ‘Your Story.’
  • Tap the ‘Add To Highlight’ option that displays.


  • Click the story content when uploaded and select the ‘Highlight’ option on your story’s bottom left side.

To include an already published or existing story to your highlights on the platform, you can follow the upcoming points:

  • Launch Instagram stories.
  • Click and hold the highlight you need to include the content.
  • Tap ‘Edit Highlight.’
  • Tap the ‘Stories’ tab.
  • Choose a story or multiple contents to include in the Instagram highlight.
  • Click ‘Done.’

Delete Highlights On Instagram

You might add an image to the wrong collection of your highlights, and you need to delete it.

To Delete A Highlight

    • Launch your profile on Instagram.
    • Click and hold the highlight you need to edit.
    • Tap the ‘Delete highlight’ option.

To Delete A Story Content From The Instagram Highlight

    • Launch your profile on Instagram.
    • Click and hold the highlight where your story takes place.
    • Tap ‘Edit Highlight.’
    • Unclick the story content that you want to delete from the selected highlight.
    • Click ‘Done.’

Re-arrange Highlights On Instagram

The order of your highlights on your Instagram profile is fixed by the latest times that you have uploaded them.

For instance, if you include a story(either it’s new or already existing one – archives) to your ‘Bikes’ highlight today, it automatically goes to the front.

Other than this, there is no way to rearrange the highlighted order on Instagram. So if you need to rearrange your Instagram highlights, include a story to the respective highlight that you want to the front. And also, after getting your highlight front, you can delete your added story from that respective highlight, and the first order remains the same.

Instagram Highlights Analytics And Insights

Note: You can’t see the views count of who has viewed your Instagram highlights.

Like story content on Instagram, you could only see if anyone viewed your Instagram highlight if they saw within a day it was uploaded.

6 Instagram Story Highlights Ideas for Every Business

Are you looking for the highlights ideas for incorporating it into your business to reap the results? Here they are.

Give Easy Access To Business Info

Primary info like new products and pricing could be placed in your highlights on the platform. If you just started your business and haven’t acquired a website still, this special tip is crucial for you to work with.

Show Customer Testimonials

Display every positive testimonial from the customers in your Instagram highlights. It brings a deep source to help your profile visitors and fans make purchasing decisions about your services and products.

Highlight Important Aspects Of Your Business Or Life

It is an excellent option for every influencer and blogger on the platform who works with more than an industry to produce their content. Do you wonder how to begin?

Bring it creating highlights on Instagram: Food, Travel, Home, Fashion, Fitness, Friends, Travel, Beauty.

Include Instagram Highlights With Shop Features On Instagram

Add your brand products to ‘shop favorites’ or ‘fashion finds.’ Ask your target users to swipe up to get a link or check a link in your smart.bio to purchase. This unique option is handy for every affiliate influencer and eCommerce seller.

Special Events And Chronicle Trips

Remember an event or any trip you recorded via stories on the platform by including these story content to their unique highlight!

For instance: Sister’s Wedding, The Colorado Trip, Harry Potter Date Night. You could share your every favorite memory with your fans.

Show What You Belongs To

Share various causes and initiatives your business and yourself support. Some examples are Black Lives Matter and mental health awareness.

It is a perfect way to give primary resources for your fans on these great topics that they could come back to again and again.

What To Highlight

You have learned everything about Instagram highlights. Now, it’s the perfect time for you to create your Instagram highlights. You can include:

  • Highlight tricks, advice, or tips.
  • Highlight your various products or services.
  • Highlight partners, influencers, or brand ambassadors.
  • Highlight BTS(Behind The Scenes).
  • Highlight testimonials and reviews.
  • Highlight job openings.
  • Highlight your customer’s positive reviews.
  • Highlight how to use your products.
  • Highlight your business events.
  • Highlight your staff and teammates.
  • Highlight holidays and seasonal events.
  • Highlight marketing campaigns.

Don’t Forget

Instagram highlights need proper planning to bring an eye-catching look to your Instagram profile and developing marketing campaigns. Here are a few details:

  • You could add story content to the highlights that are uploaded to your stories since late 2017.
  • You could include nearly 100 video content or images to your Instagram highlights. And there is no limit for the highlight counts.
  • If you bring more than a hundred pieces of content to your stories, the first content will be removed and added to your archive list.
  • You can bring your Instagram story highlight name up to 15 characters long, including the spaces, and also remember the first ten characters would display.
  • Like normal Instagram posts, only you could see the stories archive list on the platform.

Last Points

Now, you have cleared about Instagram highlight Ideas and a perfect step-by-step, you are ready to spark your Instagram profile more powerful.

The highlight option on Instagram entirely changes your profile feel on the platform and helps you grab the full advantage of Instagram’s marketing strategy gloriously.

So what are you waiting for? Start working with the highlight option to bring your Instagram profile looks perfect and marketing level to the next step.