A new trend of instant apps is in vogue and a great step towards app evolution. They give native apps great speed and power. These apps have a feature that lets you use without needing to completely download onto your phone. So that you can use the app quickly when you need it, rest it benefit with less space consumption.

What is an Instant App?

An instant app is a small software program that enables users to test out a portion of the native app without installing it on your device. The apps are native containers with access to a device’s hardware and run like local apps. They do not take up storage on device as users do not install them.

Usage of Instant App

Whenever an app launched, there is always an idea behind what the app is about. Like certain goals set from generating huge traffic to increasing revenues. The features of the instant app will make it reachable and discoverable from any location such as – social media posts, Google search results, URLs, YouTube comments, etc.

Instant apps are particularly powerful for e-commerce platforms and gaming companies. So that users can use a portion of a complete app. Once that level piques the user’s interest, there are more chances he or she will download the full app. Another good thing, these apps can be launched from a URL.

Benefit for Users

Instant apps are less hassling on the user’s part as most of the people prefer to install a native app rather than using the website. And these instant apps save the storage of the device as there is no need to install them. Here check some benefits of instant apps for users;

Better User Experience

These apps give a better user experience as a user will never have to deal with advertisements asking them to install full apps while going through a web page. Moreover, users can considerably use specific features same as native mobile apps.

Less consumption of Storage Space

As we know, there are a lot of mobile apps that are not in use on a regular basis but you can’t uninstall for some reasons. These apps are sometimes burdening your phone storage. Instant apps do not use more space at all because these apps contain only specific features of native apps.

Better Shareability

Instant apps allow you to easily share the links with anyone through Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, and other social platforms. Anyone can use these apps by just opening the links and without visiting play store.

No Need to Download Full App

Instant Apps allow users to utilize only specific features of native apps. If they like the part of your app, they will download the native application. Even if they don’t wish to use the full application, they will use the portion version because of its ease-of-use and simplicity.

Along with benefits, there are some cons of instant apps… here check what are the cons:-

Limited File Size

The file size of the instant app is limited to 4 MB for each feature or page within an app. With this, you won’t be able to showcase your rich media on these apps. For example, mobile games limited to puzzles or 2D platforms for now in these instant apps.

Available to Android Only

Till date, the instant apps are not available to iOS and limited to Android only. They are supported by Android versions dating back to jelly bean.


Instant apps are relatively easy to create from the developer’s perspective. Android users can find these apps in a couple of different mediums like searching on Google for apps. Users just need to click “Try it Now” button and it’s ready to use. This is how these instant apps revolutionized the digital world. And giving developers as well as users powerful goals. So if you are an Android user try at least one instant app for better realization.