The significance of employee engagement simply cannot be overstated. Workforce engagement is proven to increase work efficiency, boost productivity levels, reduce the attrition rate, retain customers and generate more profits. Most importantly, an engaged workforce is happy and healthy both at work and in personal life. So every company that wants to be successful must invest time, effort, and resources in conducting employee engagement surveys periodically.

Here are 5 more compelling reasons to conduct an employee engagement survey at regular intervals:

Anonymity Generates Honest and Open Responses

Most employees are reluctant to air their grievances or to share their suggestions for improvement. While there can be many reasons for this, the most cited reason has been their fear of reprisal. Some employees feel their opinion won’t count while others assume that their boss is not going to pay heed.

Regardless of the company culture, nothing should deter employees from expressing their views or from reaching out for feedback. Anonymous workforce engagement surveys are an efficient way to get honest and candid feedback from employees on topics that they otherwise would not discuss.

Accurate Inputs Help Improve Productivity

Once the survey responses are received and analyzed, employers can use the feedback to make the necessary changes to business processes for increased productivity. These changes will make your employees feel valued, boost their morale, reduce absenteeism, and help them strike a perfect balance between professional and personal life.

Full Customization Captures Valuable Insights into Work Conditions

Organizations that are not harnessing the power of quick and conversational employee satisfaction surveys are missing out on valuable insights into their work conditions. These surveys are fully customizable and allow for both single and multiple selections. Whether you want a simple Y/N reply, a rating scale or straightforward answers for qualitative data, you can tailor the survey to meet the unique needs of your company.

Benchmarking Allows Timely Identification of Bottlenecks

Workforce engagement surveys allow you to benchmark results for quick comparisons. You can analyze the level of engagement or satisfaction within your organization or you can compare the results with industry-wide data to understand how you are performing. Benchmarking results also allows you to identify issues specific to your company and address weak areas that need improvement.

Elicits Actionable Feedback from Employees

Knowing where your organization stands on aspects like employee satisfaction, productivity levels, workforce engagement, leadership effectiveness, and work conditions will give you actionable insights for improvement and growth. If specific departments are doing well in one area, you can replicate their best practices and achieve similar results in other departments.

Simply put, periodic workforce engagement surveys will provide you with accurate and actionable data that can be implemented for organizational growth.