Jewelry form an essential part of any woman’s attire, and therefore should be well coordinated with the clothes she is wearing. Selecting the right jewelry to match the outfit can create a more complete impression than one produced by wearing jewelry that doesn’t quite match with the rest of the outfit.

Due to its importance, here are the 5 tips that one needs to keep in mind while matching their jewelry with their outfit:

Picking out the right necklace

Necklaces for women are one of the most essential pieces of jewelry for all women, since they complement the neckline of the rest of the attire. They are also used for making bold statements and color coordination with the rest of the accessories such as earrings and nose rings.  There are different types of necklines for various apparels, such as the scoop neckline, the cowl neckline, V shaped necklines and strapless dresses. For each of these cases, the selected necklace type should vary. For example for cowl necklines, minimalistic necklaces are preferred, whereas the scoop neckline calls out for heavy necklaces to adorn the ample neck space. A diamond necklace in such cases is the best fit.

Choosing the correct earrings

Picking out the perfect earring according to the shape and size of one’s face can be a difficult task. But the correct earrings can complement magnificently all of the other accessories and jewelry. There are a few sensitive tips to keep in mind while picking out the perfect earrings. Large sized earrings typically go well with Rectangular faces, giving an impression of more volume. Whereas for long or conical facial structure, it is best to pick out earrings which are oval or round in shape, in order to make the area around the cheekbone more prominent.

The correct colored jewelry

The color of appropriate jewelry depends to a large extent on the skin tone of the wearer. Light tones skin goes well with lighter colored jewelry made from silver or platinum, whereas gold jewelry such as gold choker necklace matches well with darker skin tones.

Picking out the correct jewels

While picking out jewelry with colored jewels on them, it should always be coordinated with the color of the rest of the attire, or one of the other accessories or the color of the eyes of the wearer. Randomly chosen jewelry with mismatching colored jewels can cause a clash of colors, which is very aesthetically displeasing.

Not going overboard

Finally, it is always wise to keep the jewelry to the appropriate amount to compliment the outfit one is wearing. Minimalistic jewelry is often the best option when opting for regular use in daily lives. Wearing full sets of jewelry is definitely out of fashion, unless one is going to a large formal event.

Picking out the correct jewelry allows a woman to stand out amongst others and give her overall outfit a significant boost. Keeping in mind the above mentioned tips, one can you easily pick out the best suited jewelry to go with their attire.