Some individuals like short, naked nails, while others insist on regularly having their fingers painted a specific color and even set up appointments at their favorite salons for certain occasions. While some people stick to tried-and-true methods like using just one color for a do-it-yourself paint job, others let their creativity run wild during the lockdown, trying out all sorts of unique tints, textures, and designs.

Celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey of London and OPI Education India’s Cean Alphonso discuss the latest nail gel trends and offer advice on how to get the perfect manicure in no time at all, regardless of your skill level.

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Top 7 Latest Nail Gel Trends

Here are some nail gel trends that will be all the rage, according to experts, to help spark your creativity.

1. Chrome Nails

Chrome, though, will be available in a far broader spectrum of hues. Not only are there numerous nail colours available, but there are also various kinds of chrome. Powder chrome is a classic that most people are familiar with. However, more futuristic metallic tints may be part of nail gel trends.

For example, John, a brand for professional artists, offers Chrome Ink, a liquid chrome available in vibrant colors, including hot pink, green, and turquoise. If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself option, consider chrome press-ons, powders, or nail polishes with a chrome sheen.

2. 3D and Metallic Nails

Rydén predicts metallic nails with a futuristic sheen will be all the rage in 2024. “It has been gaining appeal, and we’re seeing conventional metal nails everywhere,” Rydén explains. “Perhaps it is a millennial fad,” she muses.

Rydén believes that in 2024, we should seek more creative methods to use metallic shades—especially luminous silvers—in our nail art. “I want people to try with lively details, like ‘jelly art,'” she explains. Rydén “definitely wants to observe more of” this method, which involves building up the gel on the nails, demonstrating the increasing popularity of designs with texture and structure.

Regarding her elevated 3D creations, Rydén could go toward metallics. For individuals who want a subtler manicure, she says that a clear gel can produce the same result. Finally, this fad is not something you should do at home. Rydén recommends going to a salon for the procedure because it calls for specialized gel.

3. ‘Glazed’ Pastels are Amazing

This ‘clean female’ nail art trend is all about understatement. Maintaining clean nails is an essential part of caring for one’s health and looking presentable. Neutral hues are preferred because they provide an air of sophistication. The surface is highly polished. This is best accomplished by applying a thick, glossy finish layer.

Think back to 2016, the year that chrome particles were initially sold. Rydén recalls a time when his product was the talk of a U.S. trade exhibition and sold out in hours. The time had passed before Hailey Bieber had access to it.

This pearlescent design is probably the most talked-about manicure style of 2023, thanks to Bieber’s ‘glazed doughnut’ nails. Rydén, on the other hand, wants people to ditch the (neutral) neutrals and try some new colors when we want glazed nails in 2024. “Certainly, you can still rock white glazed nails, or perhaps experiment with a fashionable brown hue, or adorn a French manicure with chrome,” she opines.

4. Ruby Half-moon Fingernails

The red half-moon manicure, made famous by burlesque legend Dita Von Teese, is having a style revival right now. Cat Quinn, a beauty expert, attributes the rise of trends largely to the influence of popular media. Olivia Wilde with a crimson half-moon manicure in the film Don’t Worry, Darling. Taylor Swift’s ‘Bejeweled’ music video has Swift wearing a similar style. In both productions, von Tesse appears in a cameo role.

You can see the curve of your cuticle growing on your naked nail, so using a tiny brush to draw around it is a good place to start. Then, fill in the remainder of your nail with color. Classically stylish with a minimalist touch—that’s the result.

5. French with Negative Space

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French manicures will always be in vogue, but with each new season comes an attempt to improve the look with a different twist. Nail expert Jin Soon Choi predicts that cool combinations of colors and French line forms will be used in variants of the French manicure, such as these negative-space French tips. Give it a shot with any color scheme you’re into, whether that’s a muted palette or a bold hue like the one up there.

6. Toenails That are Denim Blue or Tangerine Orange

Rydén’s last trend experiment may be a little out of the ordinary. In my opinion, unconventional hues should be considered in 2024. “Wild cards,” she explains.  “Tangerine orange is the one I’ve decided on.” In fact, if you ask Rydén, you should try every citrus hue. “Yellow and orange just radiate joy,” she explains.

Denim blue might be your tint of choice if you prefer muted tones. You can have denim nails in any shade, from a light, washed-out blue to a deep, rich indigo, just like your go-to jeans.

7. Moonlight Nails

This moonlight manicure fad is gradually gaining traction. It’s just a white manicure with an iridescent sheen. As an example of the current trend, Brown Girl Hands creator Hannah Harris is shown here sporting a Glamnetic Reusable Press-On Nail in Moonlight. At the salon, you may experiment with this style by applying dip powder or white pearlescent gel. A white polish that has a glittery topcoat might work at home.

In the end!

New styles and methods are appearing all the time in the realm of nail design. Neon hues, French tips, matte nails, ombré patterns, negative space, and chrome finishes are limitless options.

You may find a nail design that suits your style, whether traditional or adventurous.