Are you curious to know why link farming is considered illegal? Have you been thinking to apply this technique on your website too? Just stop and know why it is not good practice to use. Let’s know all about the Link farm techniques. Here you would also get to know that why you should not choose SEO services that use link farming technique to uplift your website position in SERP.

We all know that one of the greatest factors of the ranking of the webpage is the number of quality links on it. Link building techniques play a great role in the ranking of a website in the SERP. The number of quality links from the website and directed to the website helps to elevate the position of a site in SERP. That’s why so many people use the unethical practice of link building on their website to get the top position. This unethical link building is called Link farming.

What is Link Farm in SEO?

A link farm is the group of websites that are created for boosting the rank of a website in search result pages. The website enters a relationship of reciprocal links with other sites. Or you can say that a website pays a provider for a number of inbound links. Link farm page generally seems similar to the web page and the only difference is that it has hyperlinks as content. These hyperlinks are not related to the website. Google views the link farming as spam on a website and penalized the site that gains the inbound links via farms.

link farm Source – Wikipedia

Purpose of link Farm

The prime purpose of the link farm is just to enhance the ranking of a website in the search engine result pages. It is a black hat SEO method. A web page with nothing more than links on it of the other website is a link farm web page. It is not any use of the visitor because the only purpose of this kind of website is just to boost up the ranking in SERP.

Why consider illegal and penalized by Google?

Link farm website is penalized by Google because they produce the low-quality content. Just to get a high rank in the search engine result pages, these kinds of websites use irrelevant links. That’s why farm link considers them illegal and it not a good practice to adopt. Nowadays, Google is too smart and you can make fool of it. If you are thinking to adopt the link farm method for boosting your website ranking, then you are surely inviting the trouble.

Not even Google but other search engines penalized this kind of website who follows the link farming techniques. The reason is simple that search engines want to provide the utmost satisfaction to their customers. But the link farm web page is not of any use for the visitors that’s why search engines panelized those kinds of the web page.

Avoid SEO services that uses Link farming

If you are businessmen and looking for availing the SEO services from a company that promises to bring your website on the top, then be careful. Just check out whether these kinds of companies are using the Link farming technique. Also, choose the company that uses white hat strategies for boosting the ranking for your website. Link farming is the black hat strategy, so avoid availing the services of the SEO companies which use the black hat strategy like Link farming.

Future of Link Farming

Google and other search engines are constantly making changes in their algorithm just to provide the best possible user experience. Google the most famous search engines are not going to accept the unnatural links build on a website. So, it is very obvious that Link farming has no future. Link farming, reciprocal linking, and other unnatural link building are not acceptable.

Hope this read makes it very clear to you why link farming is not a great practice follow. And why it is considered illegal. So, if you are thinking to elevate the position of your website with the aid of link farming, then abort the plan. Let’s search for the digital marketing agencies that use the white hat SEO for improving the rank of your website.