Is M4ufree down? Try these alternatives to watch the latest movies and TV Shows for free.

Looking for a website for free downloads and free streaming online then you must already know the name of M4uFree. This website is amazing and very easy to use. You will find all the old and new movies here without any issue. You just have to think about a movie, type in its name and then enjoy watching it. You can easily download TV shows and the entire series easily from this website. It has been all time favorite of millions of users throughout the globe. Since these websites are not legal, so not everyone knows about them.

The entertainment doesn’t end on one single website. Due to the legality issue if one gets banned the other one exists to make the entertainment never end for you. you can not only download them and watch them on your laptop but also on your android devices. Everyone wants to be the first one to watch the latest movies. But it is not very easy to find such movies legally. Also, since these movies come in CDs after quite a while therefore people like to get access to them as soon as possible. Since the streaming websites are illegal therefore uploading data on them is quite a risky job for the website makers. Additionally the users also get scared to approach them.


About M4ufree

This is a platform where you can download any movie for free. You do not have to sign up or subscribe for this website. There will not be any interference between you and watching the movie. High quality videos are just one step one click away. The quality of each movie or TV series that you will watch here will be ranging from 360p to 720p. You can also download movies in whatsoever quality you want to. There are many genres to choose from for example, horror, thriller, drama, science fiction, sports, romance, biography, documentary, Sci-fi, comedy, Fantasy, action, animation, war, western, adventure, history, crime etc.

This website came into action in 1996 and since then it has been rolling its magic into the eyes of the viewers. Unknown group of people founded this website. First it was only used to upload movies but then it expanded. The founders also upload updated content on daily basis. That made the site grow more. The functioning of this website is more like that of the torrent. However in this case the location and identity of the owner has to be revealed. You will very unique content on this website that is he main reason that it is a desired first choice of many internet users and movie lovers.

The features of this website keep on updating on daily basis and you will always find something new on this website. First of all you will find HD quality content on this website ranging from 360p to 1080p. You can make your own decisions in whatsoever quality your internet allows and you want to see. The authorized parties block URL of the website every now and then however, the users since already knew about it so they have found a solution to this problem and that is that they keep on altering the active URL to stay in the eyes of their viewers.

Best M4uFree Alternatives

If you cannot stream or download content from M4uFree official website, then you should try below M4uFree alternatives. You can easily watch latest movies or TV Shows from these similar websites like M4uFree.

1. Fmovies


If you are always in search of finding the new alternative because of the fact that M4uFree gets blocked every now and then. You need not to go through the hassle again and again. Enjoy watching your favorite content on the internet with other alternatives such as Fmovies. This has a very nice and user-friendly interface. You can watch everything on this website be it movies or TV series online. There are different genres to choose from. You can also choose through years and names. You can also choose from recent releases or most popular websites. This platform is not ad-free so you will have ads interruption.

2. PutLocker


This is one famous name that you would have always come across when searching for movie. Not only this but when you search any movie, the first website that usually gets suggested to you is putlocker. It has an extensive collection of movies and TV series. The streaming is very convenient and quick. You can watch movies and stream them because of its quick and straightforward. This website also has a collection of movies which are currently being watched. Content is organized as per the releasing year as well as per genre. The interface is simple and user friendly. There is no lag between your choice and the streaming.

3. YesMovies

Another popular website which is a top choice when it comes to alternatives to M4uFree is YesMovies. As the name suggests there is a big yes to every movie. You do not have to register or sign up. It is as simple as ABC. There is a huge range of movie and TV series collection. There is collection of short firms too. You can watch as per genre, IMDB rating, nation, date etc. On the top there is a search bar where you can search any movie you are looking for. The interference of ads is quite less as compared to other websites. Once you search for a movie you can get to see movie quality and a thumbnail too. You can get to see the information of the movie too once you take the cursor over the movie. Irrespective of the country you are in, you can select the movie of your choice. There are movies from 13 various countries.

4. Movies4k

Through the use of hosting platforms and open load, it offers free streaming to its viewers. With a very simple user interface and therefore the using experience will be pleasure-able. The website gets updated on a daily basis by coming up with latest content for the viewers. You can find the content with respect to all genres such as horror, thriller, animation, old, new, drama, action, sci-fi and much more. The good thing and different thing of this website is that it is secured through https. You do not have to register yourself on this website in order to enjoy content on this website. So when you surf on this website you do not have to be stressed about the content and malware with respect to this website. This is quite awesome website to use.

5. SolarMovie


If you want to download free movies online, Solarmovies is another good alternative to M4ufree. You can not only find movies here but also music as well as other videos. And guess what all of this is free to enjoy. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the attest movie to come on CDs. Now you can watch them as soon as they are released in a matter of few days on these websites. However, due to the piracy issues it might be found blocked at times.

6. Primewire

You can save a lot of money through Primewire. You can find high-definition movies and TV series and save a lot of your time because there is a huge library of movies there on this website so you do not have to go through any hassle of finding the movies. The size of the library increases as more users visit this website. Creating an account is not important on this website. The URLs of the movie which grab your attention, you can vote and comment on them. This website has amazing features. You can also socialize with other people who are just like you and want to watch some similar taste movies. This website is regarded as the best alternative to M4uFree.

7. VexMovies

The movies on VexMovies are displayed as per the releasing year. You will also find a brief summary f the movie on the website. There are many genres through which you can watch movies such as romance, drama, action, biography, sci-fi, history etc. If you are one of those who always watches a movie as per the IMDB rating then you can also find IMDB rating of movies on the website. For the ease of finding a movie search the name in the search bar. There are different quality options available with respect to which you can watch a movie of your choice. You can find almost 1500 plus TV series and movies on this website which are updated on daily basis. The list of movies are as per alphabetical order from A to Z.

8. MovieWatcher

There are other alternatives to watch movies other than M4uFree website too. Also, there are various websites which are not safe and they make the performance of the bike slow. The more the website has ads the more unfavorite it becomes and people prefer less to use it. One of the very few alternative websites, this is the one which has less ad interference as well as there is no fear of the malware on this website. You can watch the content being stress free. The interface of the website is as such that it attracts new users as well as satisfies the current users.

9. Megashare

Megashare is very much similar to M4uFree. If you are an action or thriller movie fan then you must definitely try tis website. You do not have to register or make an account on this website to watch the content. The site shows IMDB ratings as well. There are different mirror links for every movie.

10. Hola Movies

With a large movie database, Hola Movies is another good alternative to M4uFree with a user-friendly interface. This site is easy to find and use with its unique name it grabs the attention of many people. This website is well-through of and the website URL is very straight forward. The genres of movies selection are very diverse. Along with IMDB ratings, it also has subtitles and collection of movies from different countries.

Is M4uFree Movie a website to trust?

M4ufree has terms and conditions. There are two types of content on this website. One is copyright-free videos and one is copyright-protected videos. So, a user has a choice of what type of movies one wants to see. The copyright free movies are easy to see whereas, the copyright protected movies are a bit difficult to see since the user has to take permission from the movie owner to see those movies.

This website has some unique features along with easy interface. Internet selling upgrades are the reason that these websites make money so once you click on them, you get redirected to several other websites. You can also request a movie if you cannot see a movie in the list. You do not have to sign up for any movie. But you must download an antivirus software on the device you are watching movies on. You can watch and stream your favorite movies online anytime on this website. Accessing this website is easy but since this is an illegal website therefore you must open this website with care and try to use a private browser while opening this website. You can access this website on laptop or on phone of yours. If you use a VPN, it will allow you to view the content securely. In this way your IP address will not be revealed, and you will not get caught. Some countries have hefty penalties, and it depends on each country’s rules and regulation. You can find movies in various languages on this website and those too in HD quality. From Chinese to Tamil, English to French you can find movies from all countries and languages. There is a special section dedicated to animated movies and programs.

The reason of this article is solely to provide information and we do not advocate the piracy websites. Rather, we suggest to watch entertaining content through legal means. Not only these are unlawful but also, they can cause a lot of damage to your device and well-being.