Traveling! It is one such experience which almost everybody loves doing. Be it local sightseeing or domestic tours or just randomly exploring. You can travel solo or as a couple or in a group, each one of them has something in common, they all offer an awesome thrilling, and lifetime memory creation experience. If you are planning to give gifts to your parents who love traveling and are confused about what might be the best, below are 15 such unique and thoughtful gifts for parents who love to travel:

A Suitcase for Carrying Luggage

What is a better gift than a lovely space-saving suitcase for carrying their luggage. Your parents love each other and this can add more to that secret factor. For example instead of 2 luggage rucksacks they can make do with one big one and it will save them some space too.

A Comfortable Neck Pillow

Travelling can be stressful for one’s body too. It’s important to always be comfortable while traveling over a long distance and nothing beats a good old sleep. Whether in a car, train or airplane, this can be used anywhere. Gift your parents the comfort of a good sleep while traveling today.

A Good Old Fashioned Raincoat

You may never know when it might start raining in coastal areas or near the beach maybe? when a rogue wave crashes. Your parents will appreciate this subtle yet powerful gesture of you gifting them a raincoat. Also if they are traveling at night, special neon-coated raincoats are available which can help identify them.

Mini Cooler Bag

For those who like to have some cold aerated drinks or beverages on the move. This small and minimalistic cooler bag adds great utility in hot and humid tourist spots wherein the difference between a cold cola and room temperature cola means sky & land type difference.

Picnic Basket

Quite a handy tool, if your parents are going for a picnic. Some fruits, some sandwiches, some tuna or other food items and a nice cover. Simple yet thoughtful for a local picnic.

GPS Receiver

A good investment considering its high utility for security purposes. Since your parents may get trapped in an area with no cell phone reception, an investment in a good GPS receiver might prove beneficial for you in this regard. GPS receivers need no internet or cell tower coverage, rather they work directly with the GPS satellite to provide accurate location data.

Paper Maps

Again it’s a security tool and also it might be a convenience for some too. The adventurous way to explore any city is by using good old-fashioned paper maps. There are a lot of map apps, but your parents might find them overwhelming to use, but this paper maps, they will just love using them.


What’s the best way to get to know about the local scenery and sights? walking up to them. Your parents might find some hidden gems, or they may stumble upon an underrated local beauty or they may simply get to experience the local vibrant street life. A good pair of shoes can go a long way in helping them enjoy walking around. Orthopedic slippers, medicinal foam shoes, etc are available at affordable prices over the net.

Insulated Travel Mug

A stainless steel travel mug can help maintain adequate hydration levels which are critical for your parent’s health, considering their age. Normal bottles would do fine, but if you are looking for something more sophisticated then look no further than a reliable travel mug.

Document Pouch

A good quality document pouch can help your parents carry around their essential travel documents visa, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. A document pouch with a neck strap is the most ideal solution for your parents.

LED Torch

You may never know when you might need a torch and a good LED torch can go a long way into helping your parents in most situations. There are a lot of different configurations of LED torches available depending upon the battery capacity and type.

Instant Camera

A simple easy to use instant camera can help your parents capture some of the awesome memories that they experience while traveling. These types of cameras are cheap, reliable, and deliver almost the same result as a normal camera but with the added satisfaction of instant prints.

Entertainment Tablets

Your parents might get bored during long breaks on a trip and may wish to have some entertainment while traveling. So what’s better than a tablet for entertainment purposes. There are a lot of android and iOS based tablets within everybody’s budget so that’s one issue solved.

Travel Organizer Bag

Having every essential tool and useful gadgets like an international travel adapter or an Allen key or cables, etc in one bag is quite useful, especially while on the go.


Your parents might want to hear some classics or soothing music whilst traveling, so what’s better than an awesome pair of cushion-type headphones? There are various noise isolating good headphones available in the market, do check them out.