Nowadays, we keep constantly looking for ways to improve the process of communication. Developers keep coming up with different kinds of solutions to make keeping in touch with friends, relatives and partners more convenient.

We’ve definitely got used to our traditional Physical SIM card. They allow us to make calls, connect to the internet and send messages easily. It seems like there is nothing else to ask for.

However, eSIMs have appeared and suddenly crushed the market. The reasons for this are pretty obvious. embedded SIMs can successfully replace regular ones due to a greater number of features, affordability and convenience.

eSIM vs Physical SIM Card


eSIM vs Physical SIM Card: What’s The Difference?

Let’s explore key difference between eSIM vs Physical SIM card that may help to choose the best option. By the way, if you’re looking for the best eSIM app, check out eSIMPlus and their plans to understand what it’s like. Now, let’s get down to comparing a eSIM and a Physical SIM.


Getting a Physical SIM card is actually pretty easy. You should just contact your local service center and order a SIM card which is compatible with your device. After getting the card, you’ll be able to make calls and enjoy all the perks of mobile communication. A physical card is unlikely to get lost or damaged, because it is located inside your device. It’s still possible if, for example, the SIM card section gets damaged or broken.

eSIM doesn’t really have a physical embodiment. It exists as a virtual service which provides a user with all the perks a regular SIM card does, but without any risks. Getting a digital SIM includes downloading one of the apps which provides telecommunication and special tariff plans.

The users of iPhones can get an eSIM just by clicking a couple of buttons in the settings. Click on “Cellular connection” or “Mobile Data”. Then find the “Add a cellular tariff” button. Select the “Enter data manually” option at the bottom of the iPhone screen. Voilà!


Using a Physical SIM card in your area is always affordable, even though local providers currently tend to raise the prices because people would use their services anyway. Those providers usually offer a wide range of different plans to satisfy the needs of any customer. However, if you’re a traveler or an entrepreneur, you might have a need to make international calls and be able to constantly keep in touch with your friends, family and partners. This means that you’ll have to use the roaming service, which is notoriously known for its overpriced plans. You’ll have to pay twice as much as you pay in your local area to enjoy unlimited communication abroad.

There is also an opportunity to get a local SIM. It’s much cheaper, but not actually convenient, especially if you don’t travel to a country often.

eSIMs are more adapted to the needs of a modern customer. They appeared quite recently, and they were meant to satisfy current needs. Developers realize that the world nowadays is interconnected. People tend to travel more often. The travel nomad’s lifestyle is also getting more common. That’s why eSIMs are created with the intention of meeting these groups of customers’ requirements.

eSIMs allow the users to choose a plan according to their preferences and needs. The plans are always pretty flexible and affordable compared to roaming.

The choice of a plan usually depends on a country you’re going to. This is meant to guarantee a potential user unlimited access to the internet and the opportunity to make calls and send messages wherever they are.


Regarding the overall safety, Physical SIMs can be a controversial choice. Take into account, that when you give someone your actual phone number, you provide those people with a lot of personal data as well. Just imagine how many sources are attached to your phone number. That’s why, if your phone gets into the hands of unreliable people, you can actually get into trouble. If you use just one phone number, be careful when sharing it on different apps and websites.

eSIMs have a significant benefit. You can have as many digital numbers as you want. This will give you the opportunity to use a specific phone number for a specific resource. So that your number isn’t associated with the abundance of your personal data or money information.

If somebody stole your device, and you had a digital SIM, the thieves wouldn’t be able to get access to your contacts without unlocking your device. What is more, eSIMs make it easier to track your phone.


To summarize, we’ve analyzed the pros and cons of eSIM and Physical SIM card regarding convenience, affordability and safety. After comparing differences between eSIM vs Physical SIM Card, we believe that both options are reliable and efficient. However, if you have to travel often or have a necessity to use more than one phone number, an eSIM is the best solution for you.