We all want to stay fit and healthy and we so all possible things to achieve this goal. But unfortunate reality of modernist lifestyle and food is that it doesn’t make you healthy but sick in sense or the other. Our body needs optimum supply of energy along with multivitamin and minerals for growth, repair, digestion and nerve function. Any imbalance in supply of nutrients invites several types of deficiency disorders, resulting into health related chain reaction.

Although we try to maintain the nutrient and energy balance through good quality food but our habits and lifestyle makes it difficult to get the optimum level of supply. For a healthy life, we need to take multivitamin tablets so that essential vitamin in optimum quantity. Imagine any organ of your body, and you will know that it is 13 vitamins and some minerals that control the effectiveness of functionality of the organ. Apart from the normal day-to-day requirements of normal human body, additional dose of multivitamin may be required for growing kids, pregnant lady or to fight any specific disease.

Your body will let you know through symptoms if there is any deficiency in supply of micro-nutrients in your body. It is good for you to know about these symptoms and take preventive measures by taking multivitamin tablets in right doses. Here are some of the common signs you will see in your body if there is any deficiency of micro-nutrients, especially vitamins.

Weak Hair

If you notice gradual thinning of your hair showing brittleness and splitting then it indicates that there might be deficiency of vitamin B7, also known as biotin. Although it is very rare to have biotin deficiency, but lack of it disrupts the conversion of food into energy. Apart from hair and nail, you could also experience fatigue, muscle pain and tingling in hands and feet.

Mouth Ulcers

Another important indicator of sudden change is vitamin level is ulcer in the mouth. This is mostly due to deficiency of Vitamin B1, B2 & B6 and iron. Crack, split or bleeding in corners of mouth is also linked to deficiency of riboflavin.

Gum Bleeding

Lack of vitamin C can cause scurvy and bleeding from gums. Since vitamin C helps in immunity and wound healing any shortage in supply could trigger damage to soft tissue. Additionally, you may feel muscle weakening, excessive fatigue and bone deterioration.

Weak Eye

Health of your eye depends on optimum supply of vitamin A, lack of which can cause night blindness making it difficult for you see in low light. Short supply of vitamin A causes problem in production of rhodopsin, a pigment found in retina. If not take care properly, this could lead to total damage of corneas resulting into blindness.

Dandruff and Scaly Patches

The deficiency of vitamin B3 i.e. niacin, vitamin B2, B6 and zinc in your body could impact oil producing areas of your skin resulting into excessive dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

Hair Loss

Your hair gets impacted most due to deficiency of vitamin and other minerals. Although multiple factor plays its role in hair loss but trigger comes from short supply of vitamin B3, B7, zinc, iron and linoleic acid. There are well several multivitamin supplements in the market custom packed for hair loss.

There are some best multivitamin for men for the specific purpose. The list of symptoms is endless and almost all ailments find its link with deficiency of one vitamin or the other. Since vitamins control neurotic response system of our body, it helps in fighting with any diseases. However, one needs to be cautious about doses of multivitamin tablets as overdose could impact healthy functioning of the body.