There are numerous ways of accumulating savings. You can go old-school, control your expenses, adhere to your budget, and generate sizeable savings in the long run. However, if you are someone who has tried it out and realized it did not work for you, you can always try out savings schemes such as a Public Provident Fund (PPF).

If you have already made your mind about investing in Public Provident Fund, you must try out a PPF interest calculator online. We will be telling you more about the PPF interest calculator here.

What is the PPF interest calculator?

A PPF interest calculator is an online tool that calculates the accumulated amount you will be getting at the maturity of the PPF tenure. Having a clear idea of the maturity amount can help you take sagacious financial decisions. As a Public Provident Scheme offers you results based on interest rates determined by the governing body, a calculator accounts for this rate before calculating this result for you. You do not have to keep a tab of it manually; the calculator online does it for you.

How Does PPF Interest Calculator Work?

A PPF interest calculator online works by calculating the maturity amount on the basis of the details entered by the visitor. This PPF account calculator computes the results using the compound interest formula mentioned below. The details that are required to be entered include investment amount, investment tenure and rate of interest. As the rate of interest is revised by the governing body from time to time, some PPF account calculators already specify the current PPF interest rate.

Public Provident Fund Calculation Formula

The maturity amount that an investor accrues by investing in the Public Provident Scheme can be calculated using the following formula:

F = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]


  • F = PPF maturity amount
  • I = Interest Rate
  • P = investment made in a year
  • N = Investment tenure

As the calculation can be quite complex, you can use a PPF interest calculator to get the results easily.

How Can PPF interest calculator Help You?

By estimating the maturity amount you will be accumulating, a PPF calculator online can help you in your financial planning. If you have a set financial goal you are saving up for, such as your retirement fund, you can determine if the maturity amount would be enough to take care of your financial needs. If not, you can consider investing in other savings schemes to create the ideal savings fund.

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Key Advantages of a PPF interest calculator

1. It Saves You From Tedious Calculations

You always have the option of calculating your maturity amount manually, but it’s not worth the headache if it only causes you stress. In other words, manual calculation of PPF maturity amount can be complex as well as time-consuming. It might be challenging for someone who doesn’t have a good hand at calculations. This is where a PPF maturity calculator online comes in to save the day. You just have to enter the details, and the PPF interest rate calculator offers you results, ultimately saving you from tedious calculations.

2. It is Simple to Use

A PPF calculator comes with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to use the tool without any difficulty. You are just required to enter information related to your investment, and the calculator will compute the results for you.

3. You Can Use it for Free

A calculator can be used indefinitely without any cost. It is free to use; you can make use of the tool to formulate a financial plan that can improve your financial standing in the future.

4. Helps Your Financial Planning

Financial planning does not come without financial decisions. It can become challenging to estimate the savings you will have or if you should consider investing in other financial assets. With a calculator, the decisions can become easier as you would know the amount you would have on maturity.

Final Thoughts

A PPF interest calculator should be your go-to tool when you are investing in a PPF scheme. The tool is simple to use and will support your financial planning.