A programming language is crucial to software development, which is why they must not be overlooked. Choosing between different programming languages, let alone the two industry giants, is a challenge for developers. This article serves as a one-stop shop for developers looking for a list of features to consider when choosing between JavaScript and Python.

Python vs JavaScript

For quite a while, Python and JavaScript competed for the leading position. Python has been steadily improving, while JavaScript is widely used in large corporations. Both languages are good for a particular set of works, but there are some minor differences between Python vs JavaScript.


Python is a general-purpose, interactive programming language. Its developed data structures, as well as dynamic typing and binding, make it a good option for Agile Software development. Python reduces the expense of program upkeep.

One of the advantages of Python is that the interpreter and resource library are both freely accessible on the internet. Python thus becomes an excellent choice for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money on development. Python also has a lot of interesting real-world applications.

Benefits of Python

  • Used for Machine Learning and AI
  • Has a very simple syntax
  • Quite useful for data visualization and analysis.
  • Developers have access to a large library and useful resources.
  • Python is cross-platform.
  • Python comes with its own built-in shell.
  • Python code is simple to write and debug as compared to other languages’ code. Python is a lightweight language that can run on a wide range of operating systems and platforms, making its source code relatively easy to maintain.
  • Python has a large number of pre-built libraries, making creation a breeze.
  • Python makes complex programming easier to understand. Garbage collection is essential since it deals with memory addresses internally.
  • Python has database implementations for many of the main commercial database management systems.
  • Allows imperative and functional programming to coexist.
  • Python is well-known for its use in the Internet of Things.

Features of Python

Here are some of Python’s key features:

  • Python is simple to understand, read, and maintain.
  • It can run on a wide range of hardware platforms while maintaining the same user interface.
  • You can use the Python interpreter to provide low-level modules.
  • Python’s structure and support for massive programmes are perfect.
  • Python supports automatic garbage collection, collaborative testing and debugging, and high-level dynamic data types with dynamic type checking.
  • The Python can be used in tune with Java, C, and C++ code.

Disadvantages of Python

The following are some of the disadvantages of using Python as a programming language:

  • Python is used on fewer platforms.
  • Python is an interpreted language, it is much slower than its competitors.
  • Science is weak in mobile computing, so it isn’t used in app creation. Python is dynamic, so more errors appear at runtime.
  • A database access layer that is underdeveloped and basic.

Applications of Python

  1. Games
  2. Image processing and graphic designing
  3. Language development
  4. Machine Learning Apps
  5. Operating Systems
  6. Prototyping


JavaScript is a programming language focused solely on programming. It is similar to C++. It was created with the aim of being a write-once, run-anywhere language with no dependencies or glitches.

Benefits of JavaScript

Here, are benefits of using JavaScript

  • There is extensive documentation available.
  • Access to a wide pool of talented developers
  • A large number of third-party repositories
  • It enables you to create standard program and code that can be reused.
  • Excellent performance
  • Repositories that are simple to access

Features of JavaScript

The following are some of JavaScript most essential features.

  • It is designed for developing object-oriented applications.
  • Once you write the code you can run it on almost any platform.
  • It’s a multithreaded language with memory management built in.
  • Since it is network-centric, it facilitates distributed computing.
  • It is optimized for creating object-oriented applications.
  • Since it is network-centric, it facilitates distributed computing.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

The disadvantages and drawbacks of using the JavaScript programming language are mentioned below.

  • The JIT compiler lets the program run slowly.
  • JavaScript has a lot of memory power. As a result, hardware costs rise.
  • Low-level programming constructs such as pointers are not supported.
  • You have no power over garbage collection

Applications of JavaScript

  1. Middleware Products
  2. Mobile Applications
  3. Enterprise Solutions and Embedded Systems
  4. Desktop GUI Apps

Python vs JavaScript – Parameters for Comparison

Given the fact that both of these programming languages are industry leaders, a few technological similarities will help to clarify how they vary. The parameters to remember when comparing Python and JavaScript are listed below.


Both languages have often competed for public attention. However, since the introduction of JavaScript, they’ve been vying for the top spot.

In Stackoveer’s 2018 developer survey, Python was named as the number one programming language in terms of growth. Despite the fact that the distance between the two languages had narrowed considerably, many developers preferred JavaScript.


Python is a very complex programming language. When type-in, the developer must not enter the variables. These are entered as the program is executed. Python is therefore a simple language, almost identical to English.

Another feature of the language’s simplicity is that it does not use indentation or enclosing braces. As a consequence, the language is user-friendly and straightforward to learn.

In this respect JavaScript is the polar opposite. There are very strict syntax codes, so you need to type in all of the variables, because if there is an error in the code, the program won’t be running.

To describe a block or method with multiple lines in JavaScript, for example, the lines must be enclosed in curly brackets. Python, on the other hand, requires indentation when writing multiple-line segments.


JavaScript and Python are both run on virtual machines after being compiled into bytecode. As a result, both languages are cross-platform, with no variations in operating systems.

The syntax of JavaScript is defined by static typing. Compilation is much simpler and quicker with this syntax than with dynamic-typed syntax. The networks for which it is intended are less susceptible to errors and better targeted.

JavaScript also includes a Just-in-time compiler.. This system converts bytecode to native machine code, allowing the compiled code to be executed directly. This role primarily improves the language’s speed and performance.

In Python to comply with any platform, code written in dynamic-type syntax isn’t agile

With Python any issue can stop the whole application. Both of these factors together have resulted in a decrease in language efficiency and speed.

Artificial Intelligence

Python is a very simple language to learn, and people from all walks of life have found it to be a good fit. Thanks to Python you were able to experiment easily with machine learning and apply it in your fields. Python was the catalyst for many enterprises’ adoption of machine learning. It has a huge library and instruments that are further accessed and extended.

Many people consider JavaScript to be a viable choice. It’s used for large-scale operations and enterprise-level applications because of features like fast debugging and use. A developer can use the libraries Weka, Mallet, Deeplearning4j, and MOA.

Engines for Game Development

C++/C# is without a doubt the most common programming language for PC games, and JavaScript and Python can’t compete with it. C# has always provided gamers with a smooth user interface and the best results. Now, JavaScript or Python aren’t especially sluggish, but they can’t match the experience that C# has provided thus far.

However, Python is a common option among programmers for a wide range of applications, and it’s also becoming a popular scripting language among game developers.

Users and Language Development

Both programming languages have a large user base all over the world. Python has a large user base that organizes PyLadies, a community of women who meet to code.

Which is better, JavaScript or Python?

Python is an excellent alternative for beginners because it is more intuitive and has syntax that is very similar to English. Its open-source design allows for a slew of new resources to be developed to enhance it.

JavaScript, on the other hand, is a general-purpose programming language that was created with the intention of allowing developers to write code once and have it run anywhere.

The design and cost of the construction project will eventually determine which language is chosen.


Python vs JavaScript performance: After weighing both languages against a variety of criteria, it’s difficult to say which one outperforms the other.

While JavaScript is more common, Python is also find its ground among a large user base. Python has been used by people outside the programming industry for a variety of organizational purposes. Similarly, although Java is faster in comparison, Python is better for longer programs.

Ultimately, it is determined by the type of software a developer wishes to build. Python, could be a better option if you’re just getting started with creation. JavaScript, on the other hand, would be the primary language for enterprise-level applications.