Videos are a strong medium to invoke emotions. They do not need to be simple and effective to get the results. Simple videos with the right images can get the desired effect.

While making videos, there are many aspects to consider. For one, the user can create the video from scratch. It includes planning, shooting, and editing the video before upload. Or, the user can use an available template and edit it.

So, the user will need tools online to work on the project. To choose the right option, you first have to understand the anatomy of an online video editor.

8 Major Factors in An Online Video Editor

Making videos online can become a toll if you do not use the right tools. Hence, it is a must to look for the best options available. To find the best tool, look for these 6 factors in the application.

1. Create Professional Videos

It is easy to find free online video editor options. But they have fewer editing features than traditional editing software. Most likely you’ll get an amateur product when you make a video with such a tool.

An editing tool should allow the user to create praise-worthy content. Most video editors are working to create a brand or improving their skills.

So, it is crucial to find a video editor that will help you create professional videos without relying on several different apps to reach your desires effect.

It should allow the user to upload their videos. Or, directly make videos on the application.

Moreover, video makers should offer video templates for various situations. For example, Instagram and YouTube have very different aspect ratios. So, the video templates should have the options.

2. Trim, Cropping, & Effects

Trim, crop, and effects are among the basic functions of any online video editor. However, the amount of control that the software offers is a testament to its quality.

The tool should have many effects with the ability to change the intensity. Also, some of the tools offer animation of text and add other elements into the video.

3. Instinctive User Interface

Another major factor of editing software is a user interface that comes naturally. It means that the user can rely on instincts to find the elements.

While organizing your house, it is best to place things where you will look for them. The same is true for an interface.

Get a video maker that you can use instinctively

4. Control on Video Quality

Video quality is a huge factor in video editing. People spend thousands on equipment to create 4k videos.

So, an online video editor should offer full control over the video quality.

Keep the quality high for a medium like YouTube. For Facebook and Instagram, lower the quality to save space.

5. Match Your Needs

Each user is different. Hence, everyone should access the tool as per their needs. First, find the primary use of an editing tool for you.

Then, look at the tools available to find the one that will best fulfill your needs. Something with templates relevant to your work is a better option.

You can use AI tools to create videos. With Video Generator AI, you can customize your video with text, images, music and more. You also have the ability to add voiceover narration for added impact and engagement.

6. Free trial

A pro tip to search for the ultimate editing tool is to find one that offers a free trial. It will give you a chance to experiment with the tool before making the actual purchase.

Use the free trial period to understand the model. Take the time to evaluate its potential. Only if you find the tool to match your expectations, put in the investment.

7. Option to Save and Share the Video

Take the time to read the clause properly. The online video editor must offer to save the video on your device.

Moreover, it should allow free sharing of the content to social media.

It is even better if the tool features include the option to directly post the content on your social media accounts.

Also, check if you can download with a watermark or not. 

8. Music tracks

A major aspect of video making is background music. It helps ground the scene, create suspense, invoke sadness, happiness, and other options.

But, the user should have access to the choice of placing the music at the right place. While making a longer video, you might want to add music only at the end or somewhere in the middle.

Moreover, the tool can have the option of uploading music. It will give you more creative freedom.

Pro tip: You can always look for royalty-free music online to add to the videos.

Parting Words On Online Video Editor

The elements mentioned above are some of the factors that you need to consider when buying an online video editor. The anatomy of the tool depends on your needs. While some people are content with the bare minimum, others may need more features for their work.

If you are looking for software for edit your videos effectively, then you should check list of best video editing software.

The only advice here is to first experience the tool before committing to it.