Cryptocurrency, or crypto, is a digital currency that plays the same role as fiat money, that is, to make exchanges in trades. Crypto exchanges has been the talk of the town since the decade started. Many people, including business magnate Elon Musk, are investing in cryptocurrency to make digital money mainstream. While cryptocurrency is still in its embryonic stage, pro-crypto groups advocate the benefits of investing in it.

If you like to invest in booming technologies, and considering investing in cryptocurrency, you need to learn cryptocurrency with Coin Culture first. Here is a summary of the basics that you should know about cryptocurrency before you jump on the bandwagon.


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. It is a cryptographic process that uses Blockchain technology. The cryptography of each crypto coin is a unique character that records transactions in a ledger.

Cryptocurrency allows people to exchange digital money for goods and services. Others may use cryptocurrency as a digital asset.

The transaction of cryptocurrency is done through a decentralized process. This means that the exchange occurs between the sender and the receiver only. No third party, such as a central body like banks, is involved in the process. Therefore, the transactions done in cryptocurrency are transparent and protect the receiver from chargeback frauds.

How to Get Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency consists of unique codes. These codes are created by different processes. One way of creating a cryptocurrency is called Mining and is used by Bitcoin. Mining is a complex process in which computers solve a complex, energy-intensive puzzle to validate transactions on the network. As a reward, the computer owner gets a newly created cryptocurrency. However, this process requires highly sensitive computer programming. Usually, people who invest in cryptocurrency like to buy new assets from different online platforms.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Investment

Cryptocurrency investment can provide several advantages. It is a great way to earn some profit if you buy and sell in a short time. Crypto transactions are much easier, as you can pay large sums of money in one go using your mobile phone. Since there is no third party involved, the transaction fee is minimal. Many businesses are accepting cryptocurrency, so customers have the advantage of cashless payments.

However, like any other investment, cryptocurrency can be risky. The recent crypto crash indicates how volatile this asset can be. The value of cryptocurrency changes rapidly, one day you are in profit and the next day you might be facing loss.

Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Now the question comes, should you invest in cryptocurrency? Well, the answer resides in your financial condition. If you have all your expenses taken care of, still you have spared some money to invest, feel free to buy a few crypto funds. Surely there are risks involved, but they can be mitigated easily. Try not to invest all your money in one type of cryptocurrency. If you invest responsibly, you can have a decent share in crypto profits.