Sling TV: Everything You Should Know About It

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Internet has revolutionized pretty much everything, and TV is no different. Gone are the days when having a TV was must for watching TV shows. Today you can watch your TV shows even without a TV set as long as you have a mobile device or a laptop along with high speed internet connection and subscription of a TV streaming service. And when it comes to TV streaming services, the name of Sling TV is a thriving brand. There’s a good chance that you might’ve heard of it dozens of times. If you want more information about it, you’ve landed in the right place. Here we’re going to tell you everything that you should know about Sling TV. Let’s get started:

Requirements for using Sling TV

Just like any streaming service Sling TV also requires you to have access to a high speed internet connection and a compatible device. The list of compatible devices is given below, and as you’ll see it’s big enough to include a large number of devices. Finally, you’ll also need to purchase a package of Sling TV based on your requirements (more on that in the next section).

Channels and packages

The channels and packages of Sling TV are a little confusing. There’s a Sling Orange pack priced at $25 that offers access to 30 major channels like ESPN, CNN, Disney, TNT, A&E etc. and a Sling Blue pack priced at same $25 offering 45 channels but still not offering everything that is present in Sling Orange. For example, ESPN and Disney both are missing from Sling Blue.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Sling Blue is better than Sling Orange – just as Blue doesn’t have everything of Orange, Orange also lacks some channels present in Blue. For instance, Sling Blue offers you the access to NFL Network and some other sports networks that are not present in Sling Orange. In addition to that, Sling Blue is a multi-stream service that allows you to watch up to 3 channels at the same time – again something that can’t be done with Sling Orange.

There’s also a third option called Sling Orange+Blue, which is pretty self-explanatory by name. This option offers you everything of Sling at the cost of $40 per month. Also, you get a free trial of 7 days to test out things before getting started.

Cloud DVR

While none of the Sling TV packages include the DVR functionality by default, you can get it by paying an extra $5 per month extra. The function will allow you to record up to 50 hrs of movies, TV shows and live streamed content and store it in the Cloud so you can watch it later.

Compatible Devices

Sling TV works on a wide range of devices. Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, all Android devices, iOS devices, Windows and Mac based PCs, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, Chromecasts, Xbox One consoles – all can be used to watch Sling TV. I’m currently using it on my regular TV with help of Chromecast. In short, if you’ve got even a single smart device at your home, you can use it to access Sling TV.


Sling TV is arguably one of the best TV streaming services currently available in the market. It has some shortcomings, like its plans and packages are a bit confusing… but overall we can say that the experience it offers is excellent. At the same time, however, the entertainment choices of everyone vary significantly, so we can’t say with 100% certainty that it will be a good choice for you. We’d suggest that you make a list of your must-have channels first and observe during your 7-day trial how many of them are available in Sling TV. Only then you can take the right decision.

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