Mini split systems are an energy- and cost-efficient way to control the climate in any space. These ductless setups are popular for residential and commercial use thanks to their versatile heating and cooling capabilities. The systems are also simple to install, improve indoor air quality, and offer increased comfort.

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6 Ways to Use a Mini Split System

While mini splits are commonly found in homes and businesses, they offer several applications outside of traditional use. Their quiet operation and design flexibility make them the perfect choice for any outside-the-box setup you might dream up. Here are some ways to use a mini split system you might not have thought of yet.

1. Garage or Attic

Nowadays, garages and attics are for more than just parking your car or storing old junk and holiday decorations. For example, garages are fantastic for housing at-home gyms, game rooms, or workshops. These versatile spaces can benefit from mini split systems because of the improved air quality, increased comfort, and easy installation they offer.

Temperature control is often necessary when storing items that can be affected by heat, humidity, or frigid temps. That means attics are another prime candidate for the mini split treatment. If, like many attics, yours is currently not heated or air-conditioned, getting it tied into your existing HVAC system can be a hassle. Installing a mini split system offers a flexible solution for heating and cooling the space without undertaking extensive and expensive modifications.

2. Art Studio or Gallery

Every artist dreams of having their own studio space to spark creativity and bring their creative visions to life. Such a special place deserves to be climate controlled and comfortable. A mini split delivers on both counts, thanks to its individually zoned temperature controls.

Effective climate and humidity control is essential for preserving artwork, so art lovers must be mindful of heating and cooling solutions. Mini split systems improve air quality, which minimizes the risk of air pollutants negatively impacting any artwork. Because they run quietly, they’re also ideal for gallery spaces so visitors can enjoy works of art without distracting background noise.

3. Basement

Basements are one of the most underrated spaces in a home and benefit from a mini split system for numerous reasons. The moisture and humidity control serves as a dehumidifier to prevent mold and musty odors often associated with underground areas. In addition, a mini split is easily installed and doesn’t have to connect with any existing ductwork. This flexibility saves installation costs.

Basements tend to be colder than other spaces in the house, making temperature control another significant factor in choosing an HVAC system. Because mini split systems let you control the thermostat by zones, you can back off on the AC on hot summer days, saving energy. During frigid winter nights, you can up the heat to keep the space comfortable. Since mini splits are ductless, you won’t lose conditioned air through leaks and gaps in ductwork. That will have a positive impact on your utility bills.

4. Recording Studio

Mini split systems are an appealing choice for recording studios thanks to their fine-grained temperature controls and quiet nature. These systems create a comfortable environment for musical artists without producing interfering background noise. The temperature and humidity controls also help protect audio equipment and promote better acoustics.

Mini splits are an excellent fit for any recording space, whether you have an at-home setup or a commercial studio. The ductless nature of these systems means mini splits won’t interfere with the studio layout or create obstructions. Sound engineers and musicians need to see and hear each other easily. This vital communication is easier with an unobtrusive mini split system than with a bulky and noisy ducted HVAC system.

5. Pet Habitats

Different pet species require varying temperature settings to live their best life. Pet habitats, such as terrariums and other enclosures, thus reap several benefits from a mini split system. Zoned climate regulation lets you precisely control temperatures within a particular habitat to keep pets happy and healthy. Your iguana can stay toasty warm, while the rest of the family enjoys cooler temps elsewhere in the home.

The humidity control is a bonus for pet friends like amphibians and reptiles that thrive in spaces with specific humidity levels. These systems’ ventilation capabilities are vital for air quality and for avoiding stagnant habitat conditions. Pets sensitive to sounds will also be pleased with how quietly they run.

6. Wine Cellar

Proper temperature control is a must for maintaining a wine collection. Improper storage is hard on a bottle of wine and can deteriorate its quality. Frequent temperature fluctuations in either direction could compromise the taste and cause the wine to age badly. A mini split system is an effective solution for individual climate control that is simple to install.

The best temperature range for wine storage is 55 to 57 degrees, which is easy to obtain with a mini split. Its air filtration system also helps to minimize dust and odors. While dust accumulation doesn’t seem to bother those who tend the ancient cellars of Burgundy, you’ll likely want to minimize it on your own. While dust won’t affect the wine’s quality and taste, it can damage the beautiful labels in your collection. Fortunately, a ductless setup will adequately filter out airborne particles.

Taking Control

Mini split systems don’t just belong in your everyday living spaces. Any place that needs heating or cooling can benefit from these easy-to-install setups.

Mini splits’ flexibility of design is excellent for renovated areas or when you’re tight on square footage. In addition, their zoned thermostat capabilities offer the ultimate in finely tuned temperature control. Their quiet operation is ideal for any area where you want to avoid distracting background noise. And their energy efficiency is kind to both the planet and your pocketbook. Given these wide-ranging benefits, a mini split system is a great choice for nearly all spaces, even if they’re outside the box.