Mobile Gaming Industry – generating big business from small devices

Big things come in small packages. The phrase perfectly fits the smart tech of today. Be it leisure, shopping or games – we have it all on our tiny screens. Of all these, the gaming industry is getting bigger than ever. In fact, it is growing more than every other form of entertainment. Newzoo report forecasts that in 2019, the global games market will generate revenues of about $150 billion. Gone are the days when we kept playing Super Mario Bros using the joystick. Today, the companies operating in the digital landscape like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are introducing new…


What are the Pricing Models in the Outsourcing Business?

A pricing model affects a lot when you are in outsourcing business where cost is a primary feature for making strong client relationships. Most of the deals in this industry carried out with the goals of reducing cost, transparency and increasing the focus on the company’s core functions. That’s why choosing the right pricing model is essential for your business success. What do you mean by pricing model? A pricing model is a contractual agreement between a service provider and a service taker. There are no perfect or imperfect models for pricing. It’s all your business needs that dictate which…


Top 5 Destinations to Consider for Outsourcing in Asia

Outsourcing is creating a lot of buzz these days due to its unparalleled competitive advantages which is why more and more cost and quality conscious businesses all over the world are turning to Asian countries to outsource their non-core business operations. But what makes Asian countries stand out? Well, here’s what- Several of the World’s biggest brands have trusted technology partners in many Asian countries. Asia is currently the world’s most dynamic economic region with a GDP growth rate of 5.1 as of last year. Asia holds the largest educated pool of highly proficient English speakers with no language barriers…

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