There are many business strategies that have been proven effective in generating results such as increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, and targeting more customers. One of which is the social media influencer marketing which every eCommerce brand or business would want to take advantage of. However, as much as influencers are capable of raking in more sales and followers for your brand, it can yield zero results if you choose the wrong influencer.

When it comes to using influencer marketing for your business, you need to collaborate with someone who can inspire others to call to action about your products and services. Choose someone who already has a solid relationship with their followers. Don’t be one of those companies who failed over and over in their influencer marketing endeavors.

How to Find The Best Social Media Influencers for Your Brand?

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If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to find the right social media influencer to collaborate with, do the following tips.

1. Consider The Reach Of The Influencer

Before deciding which influencer to work with, it’s crucial to set out standards and considerations. Reach is undoubtedly a valid consideration, even though it’s not the most important. When measuring their reach, you should consider more than just the number of followers on their accounts. Some influencers would buy organic Instagram followers, which effectively grows their followers. Of course, this matters because the influencer has followers who are also your target audience. However, another essential thing to consider is the platform they use.

Some influencers with a small number of followers on one social media account may not mean that they’re poor in influencing. In fact, they can be more effective than those accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. They might be using other social platforms where their followers are most loyal to them, following and listening to their advice more than anyone else’s. Hence, when evaluating an influencer’s reach, it’s crucial to consider all other platforms and don’t limit them to the number of followers they have in one social media medium.

2. Choose Someone That Aligns With Your Message

You should look at how a blogger’s content aligns with your message and vision before deciding on which influencer to collaborate with. Check out their past works, posts, content, and collaboration with other brands. Doing so will give you an idea of their vision, tendency, and personality. This will help you determine if they’re easy to work with.

Aside from ensuring you share the same niche and topic, ensure that you have the same ideals when it comes to content information. The best way to know if there’s good chemistry together is to communicate with them and inquire about their collaboration processes and goals. Influencers need to demonstrate some qualities in their content and audience, which is significantly more important than traffic.

3. Use Hashtags To Search

One effective way to find the right influencer is through the support of hashtags—type in the most popular and relevant hashtags on the search bar of the social platform. By using hashtags on Instagram, you can find potential collaborators and see content from the perspective of other audiences.

This also allows you to search for specific niches similar to yours. You’ll know whether your competitors are also using the same strategy. You’ll learn whether some other influencers are using the same content or hashtags. This will expose you to learning more influencer prospects.

4. Check Out Your Own Followers

Sometimes, you can find a good influencer to work with from your own pool of followers. Depending on your social media platform, you may have earned a lot of followers who are also your biggest fans. Check them out and see whether a famous or reputable influencer is already following you.

Remember to reach out not only to legit influencers but also to someone who may have the potential to influence their large pool of friends, families, or colleagues. Don’t limit your ideas about influencer marketing. Working with people who have a good and authentic reach will have the same or even better results as working with influencers that you’re unsure of.

5. Prepare A Good Collaboration Proposal

When you’ve found some prospects and influencer candidates, it’s best to communicate and reach out to them first. Learn whether they’re a good fit for your business, and finally, discuss the collaboration idea. You’ll know what they expect from the collaboration when you talk to them. They might want some monetary payment, sponsored products, and services, or other forms.

Consider putting together an attractive offer for your influencer candidate that you want to work with. Discuss what they want or expect from you, and finally, prepare a proposal that covers all terms, legal details, and duration of the contract.


Digital marketing is vital for every business nowadays, and influencer marketing is an effective strategy to leverage your business. Marketers have a lot to gain from influencer marketing. It’s not difficult to find a candidate that’d fit the bill with so many major social media platforms available and so many influencers. Try to follow the tips pointed out above so you can seek someone who shares the same vision and goals as your business.