Accounting is one of the primary tasks for businesses that needs a rejig to be relevant in the market. Businesses are on the right track as long as accounts are healthy and fit! SMBs not only search for profits but look for methods to manage their books accurately. It involves complex scenarios, management of operational budget, and handling of a large sum of ledger records. Start using an online accounting tool to get rid of financial book maintenance tasks.

Accounting is an integral part of any organization and the right kind of online accounting tool is enabling easy management of expenditure. Keep accurate records of funds inflow & outflow so that businesses are never out of money. Most of the accounting apps or solutions are automated today and eliminate consolidated manual entries. This post is highlighting the top 10 accounting software in India and the ones with higher prospects.

Why are SMBs in India Turning to Online Accounting?

Accounting for SMBs can quickly turn into a headache if not dealt with rightly! The days are gone to track the finances manually and it is replaced with efficient online tools. Cloud computing has also added a different dimension to the handling of online accounting tools. In this day and age, most businesses are looking for a helping hand in financial transactions, and installing the right kind of accounting tool is the perfect option.

With the help of convenient accounting software, businesses will be able to save a lot of time in completing financial tasks. Bookkeepers & CPAs will be able to manage the entire accounting operations in a swifter way. There is a rise of SMBs in India and it is vital that they adapt to the latest technologies timely. An accounting tool is simple to use and can be managed at an easy cost.

Benefits of online accounting tools

It ensures anytime access to data & accounts. Businesses are able to access the accounts from their smartphones & laptops even in remote locations. For a small business, the app is acting as a boon as owners are able to handle the financial tasks remotely.

It provides easy collaboration. Employee or business partners can now collaborate among themselves to work on an accounting file smartly. The top advantage of using an online accounting tool is to get access to real-time accounting data.

It ensures financial automation. A lot of traditional financial practices today are irrelevant in the modern world and they have been replaced with automated tools rightly. Businesses can now set the task on accounting tools and rest assured of getting timely results. Also, the accuracy rate of financial activities has increased with automation.

It improves accounting security. One of the best advantages of the online accounting tool is that it provides improvised security to accounting data. Storing the data on the cloud is the new norm and the data is under layers of high-end encryption algorithms. No more reliance on the hardware or onsite storage as cloud computing has ensured greater security in remote data centers.

It improves the accounting & bookkeeping accuracy. Say goodbye to most of the accounting errors with the help of online accounting tools. It ensures proper management of the accounting records and instills the right kind of accuracy.

List of 10 Best Online Accounting Software in India

Here at we explore the best accounting software in India for SMB businesses to large enterprises. These software are fully trustworthy and included most regulated current GST and other tax forms of India. Choose the right accounting software for great financial book-keeping that presents simple and compelling accounting solution.

QuickBooks India

QuickBooks is one of the top-rated accounting software all over the world. QuickBooks India is ensuring the seamless and comprehensive management of accounting data in a single platform. It is also possible to host the QuickBooks account on the cloud for remote access to accounting data. The tool has all the latest features like tracking of sales, creation of invoices, and generation of reports. It has an auto banking resolution and provides an easy navigation interface.

QuickBooks ensures the creation of custom & professional invoices and sales receipts that can be sent within minutes. It is the best accounting tool with customized features to suit business needs. The online accounting tool is having a powerful invoice tracking & cost management system to make your accounting team accurate and more efficient. 

Zoho Books

It is one of the best accounting software in India that is having a good reputation in India and SMBs like to use such kinds of integrated solutions for end-to-end financial solutions. Zoho Books is automating the business workflow and assisting the management of financial files. It is one of the most preferred solutions for business growth and it includes invoicing, bookkeeping, different accounting operations, and Zoho mundane GST invoices.

The featured pack includes the management of inventory, payables, banking, reports, and more. Zoho Books is the best choice for end-to-end accounting and helps the handling of invoices & sales orders. It can be your GST compliance partner with all the essential tools to tackle the cancellation fear of tax returns. 

Tally.ERP 9

The accounting tool tops the chart among the highly effective online accounting tools used in India. It provides an end-to-end solution for the GST statutory regulations as the current financial reforms take shape in the financial accounting system of India. Tally.ERP 9 is having the error detection capability to minimize the chances of rejection in GST returns. SMBs look for such tools that assist in easy compliance with the GST rules and Tally is one of the trusted tools of all.

It is the tool for one-stop GST-ready solutions and this is the latest statutory change in the Indian tax system. View the reports easily on the app and analyze the profit margin correctly to make quick business decisions. 


It is the online accounting tool for freelancers, accountants, IT companies, and financial institutes providing instant financial solutions. myBooks software is supporting the GST compliance for SMBs in India and removes any kind of accounting stress. The tool has all the advanced accounting features that you expect from a modern-day accounting tool. Track the invoices better, manage the accounts in a simple way, and generate timely reports related to business financing.

It is easy to send the GST-compliant invoices and deliver them to customers in a single click. Use the customized logo to generate invoices in less than 60 seconds. The tool helps generate invoices base currency of the customer’s needs and connects them with the SME’s bank account transactions. 


As the name suggests, the app is developed to assist the business operations and mainly the accounting operations. It is listed among the preferred accounting tools in the market and the software allows the maintenance of invoices, get the inventory records, track the business records, and helps to manage the entire accounting workflow. It is a GST compliant app that allows error-free tax returns and eliminates all chances of errors due to manual calculations.

Vyapar is the accounting app that helps you take charge of controlling the individual business and creates customizable invoices. It helps in the setup of auto backup and secures any kind of accounting data loss. 

Marg ERP 9+

Marg ERP 9+ is one of the proven accounting tools that are ensuring easy management of finances within the business environment. The online accounting software is enabling easy filing of GST bills. The other functionalities of the app include batch-wise invoice generation, detailing the business transactions, auto bank reconciliation, and centralized barcode. The app allows the selection of the right GST transactions on the software and segregates the transactions accordingly.

Marg ERP 9+ is automating the calculation of CGST, IGST, & SGST. The software ensures instant billing and managing of inventory records. SMBs are able to generate GST invoices & reports for better tax reporting with the help of this financial app. 


It is the app meant to satisfy the demands of SMBs looking for a strategic system in the accounting module. Businesses are able to grab an insight into financial reports that assist in the quick decision-making process. Logic is the advanced accounting tool that facilitates error-free financial management, budgeting, integrates the general ledger, and renders efficient performance analysis. This business management tool is helping in cross-communication across various departments and facilitates easy collaboration.

If you’re looking for software that enlightens business success with consolidated tools that manage inventory & accounting, then Logic is the best choice. It has features like the generation of financial reports, ensures proper cash management, and provides cost-effective human resource management. It is easy now for businesses to derive analysis of HR departments and cash flow data on a single platform. 


ProfitBooks is also a reputed accounting tool in India offering comprehensive inventory management assistance & detailed tax reporting assistance. The tool is best for stabilizing the workflow in businesses. Host the tool on the cloud and keep remote access to the accounts for any time use. The tool provides a steady platform to file tax returns and ensure smooth tax flow. The accounting tool is the best option to upscale your business while maintaining financial hygiene.

The key benefits include invoice & billing, VAT & GST, profit & loss statement, and other simple accounting options. It is the tool suited for all kinds of industrial units, manufacturing centers, wholesalers, & retailers. ProfitBooks is making the process of taxation simple and eradicates any kind of manual errors at the time of tax filings. 


It is an integrated window-based accounting tool reforming the accounting systems in businesses. Busy has become one of the favorite picks for accountants and businesses looking for simple accounting solutions. The software is catering to the needs of different business units and is available in three different segments namely micro, small & medium scale companies. It is one place for businesses to take care of all the business accounting needs. Tracking of funds is easier with the help of Busy and thus provides the right headway to businesses to maintain accounts.

Busy is the accounting tool with the multi-currency feature and it opens up the option for globalized companies having international branches. This online accounting is providing flawless accounting options to Indian consumers with GST invoicing and error-free tax filing. Businesses will be able to analyze the profit reports better with relevant reporting & GSTINs for contacts. 


Saral rates among the top accounting tools in India and the billing system is one of the comprehensive ones. It ensures the management of finances in a user-friendly way and the integrated platform is helping to cover all the points for accounting. The accounting tool has it all from inventory management to MIS report generation. It is a GST-compliant tool that enables the easy tax filing process. Businesses looking for a comprehensive business solution should use the Saral app for inventory management & generation of audit reports.

Saral is having different price rates as per the business needs. The software comes with statutory compliance and covers barcode integration & product price generation. It allows the GST computation and ensures tax filing with department tools by Saral. The app is providing complete accounting assistance & takes care of purchase transactions.

Final Thought

Indian SMBs shouldn’t hesitate in adapting to some sort of online accounting tool for better efficiency. With proper financial workflow management, the entire business operations will fall in order. Listed above are the highly-rated accounting tools in India and all of them can be hosted in the cloud for remote access. Consult with other professionals in the market and understand the functionalities of each tool in the market. Or else contact the service providers to get the details info of the accounting features and how it will assist the businesses.

It is important that the business remove all kinds of accounting errors from their system to be successful and the accounting tools are there to help businesses achieve the highest level of financial accuracy & hygiene.