Who never dreamed of putting your backpack on your back and conquering the world, let’s cast the first stone!

Even if your dream doesn’t involve hitchhiking or sleeping in tents, it’s hard to find someone who has never thought of taking a long trip around the world.

Whether you’re backpacking across a continent or around the world, this experience is remarkable and certainly adds a lot to your knowledge and your vision of life.

If this idea never left your head, we’ve separated some backpacking tips that we’ve collected from various questions about the subject!

After this post, there are no more excuses not to kick-start your backpack! Let’s get this dream off the paper!

How to make a backpack? For different  Destination

Backpacking will depend a lot on the means of transport used and, of course, on your route. You will need to decide on a main way of getting around between destinations. Here is:

  • Airplane backpack: less time consuming but more expensive;
  • Car backpack: it has high costs, but it is an adventure to enter the story;
  • Bus backpack: lower costs, but requires more time because of pre-established schedules;
  • Hitchhiking Backpack: cost practically zero, but it takes incomparably much more time. After all, you need someone to stop and give you a ride! It is worth inserting an exclamation point for the safety issue as well.

The backpacking script is also a decisive factor in having a weather forecast. It is necessary to know if:

  • Do you intend to visit all continents?;
  • Do you intend to visit only the main countries of the continent or all?;
  • In countries, do you intend to visit only the main cities or the cheapest cities?;
  • Do you intend to focus backpacking on a single continent and explore it as a whole?

What forms of hosting are available?

The answer is directly linked to each one’s travel style, beyond each person’s own limits, of course! Some options are:

  • Hotel: traditional for every trip, it’s the most comfortable option, but it’s also the most expensive. It’s usually far from being a backpacker’s choice;
  • Apartment rental: also far from the most common choice, but Apartment rental is better option if the backpacker wants to stay longer in a single destination;
  • Hostels: are cheaper options for accommodation. They are generally safe and bring together other travelers around the world;
  • Couchsurfing: is a site that brings together people who have a sofa or a room available to host other travelers. The idea is to promote the exchange of accommodation, culture and, of course, meeting new people;
  • Camping: whether in paid spaces or on the beach, it is common to find backpackers setting up their own house in any location that looks promising.

How much money should I bring for a backpack?

Again: it depends. Yeah, well we know how boring this answer is, but it really depends on many factors.

As mentioned above, the means of transport to be used, as well as the accommodation, the itinerary and your needs as a whole, count for a lot in the final bill.

However, for security reasons, it is always worth taking some physical cash and carrying out most financial transactions with your credit card.

You can use the international credit card you use here or opt for a prepaid credit card, which has the main advantage of freezing the exchange rate.

How to save on a backpack?

To save money during a backpacking, you can always choose the cheapest options for travel and accommodation, leaving it to spend when you don’t feel like it.

You can try to make your meals buying ingredients in the market, enjoying the hostel’s breakfast or opting for fruit throughout the day.

Remember that it’s important that you eat healthy and consistent meals so you don’t get sick and guarantee the duration of the trip. So no skipping meals!

Try to find out from local people, or through the internet, about places that are affordable and offer foods rich in protein, vegetables and greens.

How to make money while backpacking?

It is also common to find travelers who, in order to prolong the trip or save as much money as saved in the bank, sell things or offer services.

You can sell crafts, beads, rings, bracelets, key chains etc. Or you can teach a typical dance, play music, draw, paint canvas, cook and so on.

It is also common to see people exchanging food and lodging in exchange for services in hostels, such as reception, cleaning, teaching another language, playing an instrument, etc.

The main tip is to try to exploit your talents or sell small or light things. After all, it’s not a game to carry a lot of weight around.

How should I pack my bag for a backpack?

Despite what it looks like at first glance, you don’t need to carry bags and suitcases for your backpack, even if it lasts for months or even years. Really!

And we say more: it is very common to hear reports of people who are leaving clothes on the way or exchanging with other travelers.

When packing your suitcase, in addition to practicing detachment, you will have to think that you will not need to carry much, as you will wash your clothes just as you would at home.

Some pieces are basic like sneakers, underwear, socks, pants, shorts/shorts, one or another “prettier” outfit and some day-to-day blouses.

It is important to take a small pharmacy with you, as well as a raincoat and cold-weather clothing. But it all depends on the destination you go.

If cold places are on your itinerary, don’t forget to bring thermal clothes, as well as good coats, jackets, thicker socks, gloves, scarves and hats.

To reduce the volume of your backpack, buy vacuum bags: they minimize the size of your luggage, in addition to protecting against water.

Remember to bring a camping mattress (the very thin ones) or a sleeping bag. Tents are always welcome too!

When to start your backpack?

Basically when you’re ready. You won’t always get the ideal climates or times of each place, as you will always be on the move.

It’s possible, of course, to optimize as much as possible, especially in the beginning, but it’s common for plans to change as time goes on. Being open to this is essential.

Learn at least some basics of foreign language

Speaking two, three or even more languages ​​is a real hand on the wheel for anyone who loves to travel. After all, communication is everything!

However, we are well aware that it is not always possible to learn several languages ​​or even learn one in a short period of time.

Our tip in this regard is: review the foreign languages ​​you already know and learn the basics of other languages ​​whose country you will be visiting.

You don’t need to write essays in another language, but knowing how to ask the price of things, the way to a place, in addition to “thank you”, “please” and “hello, how are you?” is a great step.

Don’t forget your documents

Exploring the world is great, but it’s important to do it safely and properly documented. That is why:

  • Check your passport expiration date;
  • Check the conditions of your personal documents, such as identity card, driver’s license, etc. Remember that poorly maintained documents are a real problem;
  • Take your vaccine card, remembering the international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. If possible, visit a doctor to advise you on other vaccines, such as Hepatitis and Tetanus;
  • If you have an international student card, take it with you, as it guarantees several discounts and is an extra form of identification;
  • If you have drug allergies, carry a card with all medications that can be taken and those that should be avoided as well.

Now all you have to do is prepare the script, put your backpack on your back and see more of the world! If you liked our text, you already know: share it with everyone and comment!