For a successful photography career, promote your photography is one of the most important ways you can build a brand and make a name for yourself. With many photographers looking for new photography clients to enhance their portfolio, the promotional choices you make for your photography will impact your ability to gain attention against fellow photographers and competitors.

4 Ways to Promote your Photography

Being on top of promotion will put you ahead of your competitors and in the saturated market of photography services, this is more vital than ever! Online photo sharing site, Clickasnap, has offered some great ways to get your name out there and enhance your promotional skills. There’s an agency of newborn photography in nyc which is emerging as a shining example of the same. You can visit this website to know their story.

Create an online portfolio

As we live in an increasingly digital world where people make decisions based on what they see online, creating a well-made online portfolio will generate interest from potential clients. Reaching them from wherever they may be.

Online photo sharing sites are a useful asset for photographers of various levels of experience and ability. On these platforms you can upload your images and users will have access to download these at a cost. Helping you make money whilst generating exposure, all while creating an online portfolio which other photographers and potential clients can access and view. With this you can share your best work and receive feedback and comments from both clients and other members of the photography community.

Offer voluntary services

To gain some exposure and confidence in working with clients, offering your photography by volunteering will help you gain some great experience. This could be by photographing a charity event or local fundraiser.

Contacting some organizations who may be hosting an event or require some images for their site is a really great way to get some new clients. Once you have provided them with some great content, they are happy with, they will likely come back to you for more. Returning with money in their hands, ready to pay for your skills.

Create a photography blog

Exposure is key when it comes to online promotion. A blog can act as a supporting function alongside your social media posts and online portfolio. Although you will not be directly selling your photography services through your blogposts, writing photography themed content is useful in boosting your SEO (search engine optimization) and sharing your personality with potential clients. Those who choose to engage with your blog content will be much more likely to take a browse at your portfolio and enquire about your services.

Blogging is a great way to generate an online presence and build a following of loyal clients and fans of your work. Your blog may even become a side income, with companies paying to post on your blog and using ads.

Stand out on social media

Photography and social media go hand in hand. For photographers, Instagram is a powerful platform for self-promotion. Being both free and easy to use. Here you can build yourself a page created purely for your photography, documenting your journey as a photographer and some of your very best work.

Social media plays a huge role in marketing now across every industry. Tapping into this and using it to your advantage could be the difference between photography as a hobby and reaching clients who are willing to pay for your skill. Ensure you are active across your social media and interact with your followers to understand what your audience would like to see from you. Consider this a cost-effective method of market research!