For many decades, tile backsplashes have been a vital part of home decor, especially for kitchens, washrooms, and countertops. With time, people have understood the importance of backsplashes more and more, as in places like kitchens and bathrooms backsplashes are really essential these days, to make the place and the whole decoration durable and sustainable. Backsplashes work as a protector of the decor.

Over the years, the designs and styles of tile backsplashes have seen many changes. Many creative and colorful designs have taken place instead of the old boring designs with time. And this evolution in design is an ever-continuing process, and now in 2021, many different trends for tile backsplashes have taken place. The backsplash design trends that are quite bound to dominate the market in 2021 are-

Ceiling Height Backsplash

Whenever you think about backsplash tiles, the thing that might come to your mind is the space in your kitchen is between the underside of the wall cabinet and the countertop. However, it is a common tradition to use tiles till the countertop, cabinet, or no cabinet. But it is time to go for a new style. If there is no cabinet at the end of the countertop, you can just tile the wall all the way to the ceiling.

Ceiling height backsplashes can provide a modern and fresh look to classic tiles, and it will give you the opportunity to highlight a specific area of the whole kitchen space. Different patterned tiles will be singled out more, and you can also create a focal point for the kitchen. A space can brighten up with unique reflective qualities of tiles if you use higher backsplashes there. High backsplashes can also create a broader surface for the kitchen and give you a visual break from all the cabinets and stuff of the kitchen. You can go for any kind of combination of patterns, colors, and textures and create a stunning background for the whole area.

Metallic and Mirrored Finishes

You can take your kitchen to the next level by using metallic backsplash tiles. In 2021, metallic and mirrored tiles are bound to gain immense popularity. As they are unique tiles but subtle in look, they bring a different kind of uniqueness wherever you use these tiles. You can try metal finish backsplashes if you like a metallic look for your space. There are different textures and colors for metallic tiles, and they can provide a robust metallic look and bring in an industrial feel.

Or, if you like a glossy effect, you can go for mirrored finish backsplashes. You can get a glossy and reflective surface with these backsplashes. When natural light enters the space, it will be more highlighted, and the effect will be even more substantial if the backsplashes are used till the ceiling. You can easily bring out a dramatic effect by using mirrored subway tile backsplash and proper lighting. You can position your lights in a way that at night they can create a dreamy effect together with the mirrored backsplashes.

Larger Subway Tiles

You can add a feel of sophistication to your space with these tiles. Subway tiles are being used as backsplashes for quite a long time, and they have been really popular among homeowners. However, the common size of these tiles that are mostly used is 3”x6”, but the new trend is to use larger tiles than that. The standard size that can help you have a classic look by using backsplash tiles is 4”x 8” or 4”x12”.

Larger subway tiles are easy to maintain and clean. And if you use them in a small space, they will create a larger perception for that space. And if you extend the backsplash tiles till the ceiling, that will give you a feeling of continuity. So, larger subway backsplash tiles are going to be a trend in 2021.

Marble Slabs instead of Individual Tiles

Tiles have been used as backsplashes for years, but this will take you in a new direction. Instead of tiles, you will be using a whole marble slab as the backsplash, which will be a continuous piece with just a few breaks. So, in short, instead of using many individual tile pieces to build the whole backsplash area, you will be using one large slab that will cover the entire region.

Its uniqueness, pure beauty, stunning aesthetics, and subtlety of color have made it immensely popular among people. It is also a convenient design as a slab backsplash helps to create a nice transition to the backsplash from the countertop of the kitchen. So, it will surely be a popular trend in 2021.

Gold Accents

You can create an instant focal point of your kitchen space by using a unique gold and black backsplash. There are brass features of this backsplash that help to notice the details of the backsplash. And gold always has a warm and elegant color, so it can bring elegance and warmth to your space.

Final Words

Apart from these 5 trends, there are many other significant trends of backsplashes in 2021. However, these trends mentioned above are bound to stand out among all the others, with their uniqueness and modern appeal.