The violin is an incredible musical instrument, but it’s also challenging to master. When you’re learning to play the violin, staying motivated at some point can be really hard. Sometimes, you find that your practice sessions are getting shorter and shorter or that you’re not making any progress at all. If this looks like you, you don’t have to worry. You can employ some meaningful tips to help you stay motivated and improve quickly in playing the violin.

5 Tips to Stay Motivated and Improve Fast

Having fun while learning is a must. Here are five helpful tips that will surely allow you to quickly improve your skills in playing the violin.

1. Choose the perfect violin

There are many different types of violins on the market today, but they all have one thing in common. They make beautiful music when played correctly. Starting with a good quality violin instrument will ensure you can practice for hours without worrying about your violin breaking or becoming damaged. It’s important for you to have the best violin instrument to keep you going through your journey as a violinist.

2. Practice slowly

If you’re new to the violin, you may be tempted to rush through your lessons and skip to the good part where you start playing songs. However, doing so is a surefire way to get frustrated and give up on learning how to play. When you first begin playing, there are so many new things that your fingers have to learn how to do. Your brain is trying to process all these new skills and movements while also getting used to producing sound with your instrument. Instead of rushing through your practice sessions, take them slow and steady so that you can focus on each individual skill without feeling overwhelmed by all the other things going on around it.

3. Start simple

It’s normal and easy to get overwhelmed with something new to you, especially an instrument. When you’re just starting, it can be beneficial to narrow your focus down to a few basic things that will help you build your skills and become more confident in playing. This only means you should start simple and focus on achievable small goals to help keep the learning process fun and fascinating instead of frustrating and overwhelming.

4. Find an inspiration

Finding inspiration is essential in learning to play the violin. Having someone who inspires you can help keep things interesting as you practice and develop your skills. You need someone whose playing style or personality really speaks to you so you can actually enjoy it and feel motivated by it.

5. Be patient

If you’re starting to learn the violin, it’s inevitable to feel impatient. The violin is a complicated instrument. It takes a high amount of patience and diligence to play it well and even more patience and diligence to perfect your skills. The only way to keep you patient is by looking at the end. Being able to play the instrument is highly rewarding in the long run.


If you want to improve quickly in playing the violin, staying motivated as much as possible is essential. You can choose the best violin instrument for you and start simple. If you’re struggling with motivation, try practicing at least an hour a day, and find an inspiration that will allow you to stay positive. It’s easy to get discouraged while learning how to play the violin. The key is to keep your eyes locked on the prize and focus on your goals.