For maximum ROI and customer satisfaction, you have to run your warehouse efficiently. It allows you to manage accurate and quick shipments. Your warehouse contains industrial equipment and commercial goods. To move all goods safely, you will need the best solution. In every industrial and commercial environment, you will need hand trucks.

List of Warehouse Equipment

Make sure to choose the right equipment for your warehouse to complete different operations smoothly. See the list of equipment you need in your warehouse.


For your warehouse, forklifts are important to move heavy goods. It will decrease the necessity for the workforce and save time. With the help of forklifts, you can move things up and down. There are three basic types of forklifts in Australia useful for different purposes.

Internal combustion lifts are suitable for outdoors because they need natural gas, propane, diesel, or gasoline for power. You cannot use this forklift in closed spaces because all these machines emit exhaust gases.

You can use electric forklifts for indoor activities. Forklifts need batteries and are quieter than gas-operated lifts. Moreover, manual forklifts are different than modern electric lifts. Their load capacity is low, and they can lift stuff off the floor some inches.

Industrial Trucks

It is a transportation device to move different things in material handling companies. You can choose between small, vehicular lifts and hand-operated trucks.

Hand trucks are two-wheel, simple hand-operated trolleys or trucks with a toe plate and a metallic frame. These are suitable to transport small items. Some folding varieties are available for your convenience.

Pallet Jacks

A pump, truck, or pallet jacket proves beneficial to transport materials stacked on pallets. All these jacks come with twin forks that slide under pallets. You can use handle to raise the forks with pumping force and create a hydraulic action to lift the pallets. These jacks make transportation easy.

Walkie Stackers

Your warehouse needs a walkie stacker to carry heavy goods. It is a motorized stacker to move pallets. The truck of walkie stacker has similarity to fork alignment and forklift truck design. You can move the entire assembly by hand. With its help, you can lift pallets to the second shelf of warehouse stacking systems. Undoubtedly, they are suitable for indoor uses and small-capacity goods. Make sure to use it on concrete floors.

Platform Trucks

It is a platform and frame on wheels. You can stack the platform with your hand to transport small items. Moreover, you can use other items of material handling equipment. You will find it beneficial for small and medium operations. Indeed, it is a quick logistical solution for huge companies.


You can use side loaders to unload and load from a side of the machine compared to forks with the front position. If you have narrow doorways and aisles, feel free to use side loaders. Remember, these are not maneuverable similar to forklifts.


It is a mobile robot with wires, markers, and several other indicators. For this reason, AGVs may use cameras, magnets, and lasers for guidance. Fortunately, AGVs are useful for large-scale industrial operations to move materials in a warehouse.