The attraction is a funny feeling. Most people think that the physical appearance of a person is enough to appear more attractive. However, this notion is wrong. When it comes to being more attractive, your thoughts and attitude play essential roles, apart from your physical appearance. You don’t have to dress in the latest fashion to look attractive. All you need to do is have the right mindset.

What Are The Ways To Being More Attractive?

Here are some ideas that will make you look more attractive:

Be Real And Do Not Fake It

Most people tend to put on a false persona and high their true selves. However, this will only end up creating dishonest relationships. There is no need to hide your faults; no one is perfect. Attractiveness is all about embracing your real qualities. Being true to yourself will make you more attractive.

Always Talk With A Purpose

There is always something attractive about a person who talks with conviction. Do not merely talk just to pass the time. When you are talking to someone, do so with a touch of authority. Excessive talking will only make you look like a fool or someone who is trying too hard.

Be Nice

The saying “Nice guys finish last” is not true. It has been studied that people engaged in charitable work like donating blood, etc., are more attractive to others. This is quite true, as you will be seen as a selfless lover.

Listen To The Other Person

In today’s world, listening is indeed a skill. While talking is good, it is equally important that you listen to the other person. It is a quality that will boost your attractiveness. If you listen to the person without any judgment, they will open their minds and hearts to you.


When you smile, you radiate inner beauty. Smiling helps you connect with people all around you. Most successful people often smile a lot. Additionally, smiling will make you instantly attractive to your partner since it is contagious.


Laughing is another way to radiate attractiveness. While you may overdo it, laughing is always considered a positive virtue. Throw in some significant sense of humor, and your attractiveness will be boosted to another level. No one likes to spend their time around a grouch.

Stay Fit

The most important part of being more attractive is maintaining your health and look fit. People instantly feel an attraction when talking to someone who has an excellent built. A well-shaped body radiates confidence and hard work, which makes that individual instantly attractive.

Walking Confidently

Walking with your head held high will make you look confident. This will make you feel more attractive, especially if you are walking with your group. Others will see you in a different light. Walking with confidence will go a long way. All you need to do is look up and observe the beauty of the world.

Stop It With The Corny Lines

Most people today want nothing to do with corny lines. Many prefer that the other person uses more direct opening lines or safe ones. Cocky liners like flirting from a distance are no longer seen as attractive and will make you look less trustworthy and unintelligent.

Looking People Into The Eyes

The ability to look people into their eyes while talking displays absolute confidence. It also allows you to connect better with others. You must practice eye contact with your friends and peers and acknowledge them. Looking into their eyes will make you look attractive and also show that you care.

Nod Your Head

When you nod your head, you become 40% more attractive to others. This is because it shows you are listening to them attentively. Nodding also makes you likable and approachable.

Try Not To Complain A Lot

If you are like most people, a significant portion of your conversations and thoughts involve complaining. Complaining can be compared to a rocking chair – at first, you may feel like you have achieved something, but you don’t. The first step to learn how to be more attractive is not to complain.

Always Do The Right Thing

If you struggle with self-esteem, you will always look to others for approval. In short, you will always be looking out for praise. When you do this, you are not looking at the bigger picture; you are just focused on yourself. Always be generous and do the right thing. Your attractiveness will boost automatically.

Use Metaphorical Phrases

While this point may seem contradictory from Point 9, we are not talking about cockiness here. It has been researched that if you compliment someone in a metaphorical language, you will instantly look more attractive. Compliments like ‘your eyes are like the morning dew’ are much better than sentences like ‘your eyes are sexy’.

Be Open

People are generally attracted to those who are open and free, not inaccessible or closed off. If you are looking for a romantic attraction, you need to be authentic. Once you do, you will watch the connections unfold. Always be willing, open, and real.

Take Life In A Light Manner

Taking yourself too seriously will never make you look attractive to others. You need to lighten the mood and loosen up. Open up with others and talk freely and without judgment. This will make you look like a fun and attractive person.

Dress To Kill

How you dress up at gatherings will dictate your confidence level and your overall attractiveness. Always dress to impress. The outfit should have class and radiate style.

Give Your Razor A Break

It has been studied that females find men attractive that have heavy stubble than those with a lighter shadow or a full beard. Facial hair has been deemed attractive for generations. However, you must maintain the beard.

Sleep Well And Drink More Water

Sleeping well and drinking more water will make you look fresh, energetic, and healthy. If you always look tired or remain dehydrated, it will show on your face. You will not look attractive at all. Additionally, your sex drive will also plummet, and your body will be upset.

Feel attractive

You should make yourself more attractive by feeling it. Since we are flowing with natural beauty, you will release attractiveness when you feel like it. You need to be confident, not cocky. If you believe that you are an attractive individual, people around you will think the same.


Overall, these are just some tips that can help you look more attractive. You can research online about other methods as well. You need to remember that being attractive is all about confidence, not cockiness.

What are your thoughts on ways of being more attractive? Let us know in the comments!