So, you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful? Well, you are one amongst thousands.

Sadly, in this age of social media and digital connectivity, cheating has become rampant. With apps that allow you to connect with anyone on the internet, and then successfully hide your steps through features like disappearing messages or privacy settings, affairs are more common and less detectable.

How To Catch Your Cheating Partner Red-Handed?

However, that doesn’t mean that finding out the truth is impossible. The internet also offers a variety of ways through which you can catch these cheaters, by keeping a track of what goes on in their phone, installing GPS tracking, and more. Keep reading to know some ingenious ways through which you can catch your cheating partner red-handed.

Use Spying Apps

One of the best and most sure-shot ways to catch a cheater is to install a spying app on their phone. These apps, which are also known as spyware, allows you to keep track of whatever goes on in a device. So you’ll be able to see their texts, WhatsApp messages, phone calls, and even their location. Not only that, but you can also look through their device files such as the gallery, videos, etc, and even read their browser history. Even if they are using incognito mode. This is also a great way to catch Snapchat cheaters, as you can read the message as they come and won’t have to worry about the texts disappearing.

Use Keyloggers

Another ingenious software that you can use to check your partner’s tracks is keyloggers. These are discrete devices that function in the background and record everything that goes on in the computer or device. It functions by chronologically recording which keys on the keyboard are pressed. The person who has installed or is operating the program (in this case, you) will be able to then retrieve the data. So you will be able to get records of whatever your spouse or partner has been typing, whether that’s emails, website domains, addresses, messages, and more. Efficient, isn’t it? The best thing is that it isn’t that hard, and you can get it up and running yourself.

Check Bank Account Statements

The flow of cash and transactions is often a tell-tale sign of suspicious activity. That is why it is used by law enforcement and investigation agencies. With one good look at their bank statement, you will be able to see what they have spent and where and bridge the gaps accordingly. For instance, if they’ve said they were working but you find a charge at a restaurant the same night. You can even see if they’ve been transferring large amounts of money to any bank account that you don’t recognize, and then follow the trail from thereon. Any unusual expenses that aren’t associated with you, like lingerie, jewelry, dinner expenses, make-up, etc. are some common signs of an affair.

Install Cameras and Recorders

If you have suspicions that your partner has been bringing people home, whom they shouldn’t bring, then installing cameras or voice recorders in certain parts of the house can be a great way to capture accurate evidence. You might even catch them in the act, so to speak. You can find small hidden cameras and voice recorders everywhere with ease, and nowadays, they are very user-friendly and hardly require any elaborate set-ups. So you can easily put them around the house when your spouse isn’t home or is sleeping, and monitor them remotely when you aren’t there.

Go Through Their Social Media

Most people are not very careful about how they use their social media profiles, and even if they are, they are bound to slip up at one point in time. So stalking your spouse’s social media will help you know a lot about whose picture they’ve been liking, what posts they’ve been commenting on, and more. You can even go through their following and see whom they’ve followed recently. If they follow a lot of people of the gender they’re attracted to, whom you don’t know, it can be a red flag. In the next step, you can create a fake profile and send them a follow request and chat with them to see how they behave.