Americans have long enjoyed cigar smoking for its relaxing qualities, flavor, exploring the art behind making cigars and the hobby of smoking them. The range of cigar products varies widely from high end cigars to gas station cigars. More and more, consumers are supporting cigar brands commonly found in c-stores, gas stations and bodegas.

Some of the primary reasons for this are the convenience of finding them easily nationwide, at all hours, as well as their affordability. Many of the large brands of cigars offer a selection of products including cigarellos and flavored cigars, and as the brands produce more varied products, the take-up has increased amongst consumers.

The Range of Cigar Products

With attitudes about tobacco shifting towards healthier lifestyle options, cigars are becoming a clear choice. Young consumers are always looking out for new brands and a new assortment of entertaining products. Gas station cigars are well positioned to attract a wide customer base because of their range and diversity of the product. C-Store cigars and cigarillos are favored for their affordability, but also because of the various flavors that they come in.

Endorsement from Top Rappers

The entertainment industry has also been a longstanding supporter of the cigar industry, from high-end cigars to gas station cigars. Over the years, celebrities have thrown their weight behind O.G. cigar brands like NUb, Black and Mild and Backwoods.

Now, interest is growing around Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars too, which launched in December 2020. They are backed by business owners who have been in the game for almost two decades. The brand’s headquarters are located in Miami, a city with a vibrant hip hop community and strong ties to Latin and cigar culture.

Throwback Natural Leaf cigars are carefully made with rich, dark leaves from the Dominican Republic, rivaling paler, harsher gas station cigars. Throwback cigars pride themselves on their quality and artists like Rick Ross endorse this.

Diversity of Flavors

With heavy weights like Rick Ross, Souljaboy and Jim Jones supporting Throwback Natural Leaf cigars, smokers are guaranteed not to go wrong. They are further offered in a range of flavors which will suit any and all palettes.

Cigarillos are a crowd favorite, particularly with female smokers, including rapper Cardi B. With flavors like: Russian Cream, Sweet Aromatic, Wild Berry, and Banana Nana, to Black Velvet, Grape Cherry Blizz, Vanilla and Original, smokers will never get tired of sampling all that Throwback Natural Leaf cigars have to offer.

Proudly Serving the Community

With more African Americans becoming involved in the cigar business, it is encouraging to know that Throwback Natural Leaf cigars are a majority black-owned company. Available in 45 states, Throwbacks Natural Leaf cigars are backed by a company that has strong ties to the communities it serves, and this makes it a brand to watch out for.

There’s no doubt that artists like Rick Ross hold it down for the 305, where Throwback Natural Leaf cigars operate from, and he can be seen exuding the spirit of Miami in the opening scene of his video Hustlin’ on South Beach, cigar in hand.

Despite, the razor sharp focus of business minds like Throwback Natural Leaf cigars and artists like Rick Ross, loyalty also counts for many, and this was best illustrated some years back when a few hip hop artists were called out by their peers for not doing enough for the city of Miami despite them talking about it a lot.

The company behind Throwback Natural Leaf cigars is different though, stepping away from the competition by engaging in projects that uplift the communities that they work with.

Final Rap on Gas Station Cigars

Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars pride themselves on offering their customers an affordable variety of cigars to suit everyone’s needs and tastes – from gas station to lux! Throwback Cigars are available in pouches of 5, boxes with 8 pouches of 5, and also recently started offering single pouches as well.

With some of their greatest fans being in a position to enjoy the more high-end brands, it is a huge feather in the cap of Throwback Natural Leaf cigars that rappers like Rick Ross and his peers choose a more affordable, flavorful offering like Throwback Natural Leaf cigars. The company has goals of going global in the future and with their solid business vision and consistent quality they are ready to grow from strength to strength.