Gold is the most valued metal in the entire world. And that value is not only backed up by its price in the market but what ancient societies perceived it to be. Egyptians referred it to the gods’ flesh, and The Incas called it the sun’s sweat. That was in medieval times, but its popularity has not dwindled but spread even further. Gold is used as gifts in China for the Chinese new year, and Indians hold it as security, gifting their offsprings as they start their martial lives. So when we speak of the gold exchange ruling the world, what do you think?

Well, as you ponder over that question, here are some more reasons why you should take into consideration buying yourself a bar or two!

Gold supply is scarce

Gold reserves in the world are a few, so what we have in circulation is valued at a very high price. And just as human civilization has been since the past, the highest bidder always has the upper hand. So where do you lie on this spectrum? Or can you even make it on the list?

The law of supply and demand makes gold so expensive, and only a few society members can have it as a possession. The request is high, but since it cannot satisfy the masses, what is in the market is pricy. So when you get your hands even on a piece of golden jewelry, you will be one of the privileged.

Gold exchange is mildly affected by the stock market

When you think about getting into the gold exchange world, you will be happy to find out that gold is mildly affected by current affairs. You must realize that we are saying it is mildly affected, which means that that small chance of being affected still stands. Regardless, its value is on a steady scale, and it still maintains its status as the most valuable metal on the planet. This means that even if you can not own gold, the metal, you can own trading stocks on the metal and even earn a few bucks on it.

It has limited industry use

Unlike silver, which has many uses in the manufacturing industry, gold has just a few. And this means that the class of the metal is maintained at a constant high. It is still used in the making of electronics, medicine, and dentistry, but that is just the bare minimum. In this case, we can say that gold cannot rule the industrial world for sure; silver will have to take this one.

Take away

With two points giving the gold the lead and one countering that verdict, we can conclude that gold exchange will and already does rule the world. It is in constant demand, and since supply is low, the price will keep rising. That said, if you get the opportunity to own a piece or a share of gold, go right ahead; it is lucrative.