What career should I take up after graduating from a degree program? It is the age-old question that haunts students everywhere around the world. But, everyone has their own opinions when somebody asks it. However, when English degree holders ask this question, they receive an answer in unison- high school teacher!

English courses nowadays act as a preparatory measure for individuals who wish to become a teacher after graduation. But, how much truth does this presumption hold? Is a teaching job the only career option for English graduates everywhere? Well, if you think the answer is yes, Oh boy, you are in for a surprise.

Best Career Options with English Degree

An English degree is undoubtedly the most underrated degree of all time. According to their area of interest, students who complete English literature or English language degree can choose from a plethora of available jobs. While some of them may pay less, some will allow them to earn a five-figure salary.

Today, let us look at some of the promising career choices that will enable English graduates to move far away from the typical teaching job stereotype. You can find some of them listed below:


With everything moving online, there is an outpour of content on the internet through blogs, articles, and websites. And, almost every employer wants experts that can write and edit content exceptionally well. Thus, content writing or editing has become a sought-after career choice for English degree holders. Ecommerce companies, websites, and other sorts of online businesses hire them who can regularly pen down fresh, exciting content. Marketing agents employ freelance writers to line up catchy and crisp content for their company’s marketing campaigns. In short, a content writer or editor can express a company’s ideas to the masses in an elegant language to acquire a customer’s attention.

Ultimately, a content writer with a BA English online degree can provide any company with great value. Also, you can expect to earn an average salary of around 49,114 dollars sitting at home writing. There is nothing better in our opinion.


BA and MA graduates in English can drift into the world of media quite easily. Besides a journalist’s job, which requires some extra qualifications, public relations will be the best choice. The world of public relations is always on the lookout for fresh faces with immense writing and communication skills. And such a call for individuals who can run PR systems opens up an array of career opportunities for them.

While working as a PR expert, English degree holders communicate with media personnel. They will create publicity campaigns and strategies, writing press releases and presentations. And who better to do such things than an English degree holder. Although an individual has to go through specialized courses to become a PR professional, companies still prefer an English degree holder. Now add to it an average salary of 61,000 dollars per year, and you will have a recipe for success.


A substantial social media presence is necessary for any company out there, no matter the nature of their products or services. A social media is slowly taking over the world as we know it and restructuring it; stamping authority on the social media world is a vital aspect of a business’s survival. Such a thing is opening up dozens of opportunities, especially for those who have excellent English language knowledge.

Startups and MCNs are hiring English graduates in large numbers to manage their social media accounts across various platforms. All the posts and captions you see on a business’s profile are its managers’ responsibility. The pay is pretty good, too, at around 51,423 dollars per year on average.


You cannot expect us to leave out teaching from this list. After all, it is the most common career pathway that English degree holders choose. No matter how much you deny it, teachers are incredibly well-versed in the English language. Come on! It is their job to communicate in this language with thousands of students every day. Whether an individual holds a bachelor’s in English or a master’s, the teacher’s position will always be there for the taking. It is high time that we realize that an English degree is not a necessity for a teacher. However, suppose someone wants to impart education to the upcoming generations. In that case, he/she will do such a job well if they hold an English degree. In the end, always remember, it is amongst various English degree-related jobs, not the only one!


The best thing about earning an English degree is that it will provide you with endless career choices. Mastering your English language skills and using them will eventually land you the job you desire the most. Moreover, it will also provide you with excellent pay in the hundreds of thousands of dollars bracket. If you have a thing for the English language, look at the choices mentioned above to identify the right career pathway that is best for you. Who knows, the future might be yours!