Commercial and residential places both are valuable assets for property owners. For the survival of this asset, owners do their best to long last their property to increase its resale value whenever needed. One of the major components that affect the property value is window tinting which attracts visitors whenever passing through it.

window tinting

The commercial and residential places must have such window tinting that grabs the attention of buyers for its sleek and enchanted look. It’s not a one-sided profit or advantage, but a long-lasting possibility for them to increase their aesthetic looks to gain more profitable buyers. It provides several benefits to property owners which can be a great opportunity for them to level it up.

Want to know why window tinting is a great idea for your commercial or residential places? And why do property owners opt for this option? Read this blog post till the end, to get expert answers.

What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is a thin layer of laminate film that can be applied either to the interior or exterior of a glass surface. This thin film can be used on commercial, residential, or auto window films.

Its main purpose is to reduce the UV light coming from the sun, which causes several issues to your property. It can also damage the interior infrastructure of your property if not done on time.

What are the Different Types of Window Tinting?

There are different types of window tinting films available in the market. This window film comes in a wide variety, each film is specifically designed to cater to specific needs. These tinting window films are:

  • Safety & Security films
  • Solar control window tint
  • Decorative window film
  • Neutral film
  • Opaque and translucent films
  • Dual-reflective window film
  • Mirrored (reflective) window film

While managing solar heat to protect beak-ins to improve aesthetics, there’s a window film for every purpose. keep in mind that not all window films fit every purpose, and choosing the right one depends on your individual needs.

Benefits of Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

As mentioned earlier, window tinting just not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also increases its resale value, it provides a list of other benefits to homeowners. It is considered a smart investment for both residential and commercial properties. These benefits are:

  • Privacy

In residential places, without window tinting outsiders can easily view inside your house without your permission. Sometimes you want privacy while doing inside activities or simply enjoying peace. But without window tinting this isn’t possible. You should have to tint your windows or need to alter your mirror windows.

Commercial properties such as offices, schools, and others need privacy so that they can do meetings, discuss something important in private places, and do other things that must be hidden from an average person. For this, window tinting is a great idea for managing your property to its full potential.

  • Energy Efficiency

Commercial places are larger and need consistent temperatures inside the property so that every employee lives at their best and enjoys the environment. Same as residential places for household members. With the help of window tinting, energy maintenance can easily be manageable. In summer, it prevents heat from entering your place with a specific limit. And in winter, it manages the feasible temperature.

  • Security

When applying window film in your place, make sure to utilize tints that are effective and are not easily broken. Sometimes due to harsh winds or an imbalance in outdoor temperature, the glass breaks out. Make sure to use high-quality tinted film so that it suits your residency and bears each temperature.

  • Natural Environment

Every person loves to live in a space where it has a natural element in it. Such as temperature that is not abandoned by extra heat or coolness. It makes sure that everyone either in your office or residential place is providing a hundred percent productivity without facing any serious consequences of any allergies.

  • Allows Natural Light

Tinting commercial storefront windows doesn’t have to mean losing out on natural light. Unlike curtains and blinds, a window tint won’t block out your view. It blocks certain UV rays that will heat your store and cause glare. A curtain accomplishes the same goal, but it completely blocks out the window.

A storefront needs potential customers to be able to see inside and decide whether or not they want to enter. You can’t make sales if people think you’re closed.

  • UV Protection for Your Building

It’s one of the main advantages of having a tinting window on your property. In summer when the sun rises at its full potential, it causes damage to your property, and the interior of your home as well.

It also causes severe eye allergy issues due to constant heat exposure and inadequate ventilation. But with tinting films, the inside temperature is significantly managed which is the reason the natural environment is such sunny days.

  • Colored Window Film

Tinted window films are also available in different colors. The purpose of these colored films is to add an extra layer of privacy and security to your windows. These windows are also beneficial when you want to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your house or property.

  • Secure Furniture From Fading

Due to excessive heat waves of the sun, it can also damage the furniture which you buy while paying heavy. It then gradually becomes a cause of fading, which decreases the beauty of your furniture. But with window tinting you can reduce this heat wave with an average house temperature. This will help you save your furniture in the long run.

  • Reduced Glare

In many traditional windows, heat light can easily reflect which causes dangers to your property and also to employees and household members. But with the tinting windows, you can reduce this glare to an extent.

  • Lower Energy Bills

When the inside temperature of your house is moderate, the lower electricity will be used. In the summer season, you need less air conditioner for natural ventilation and in the winter season, you need more heat resistance. This will reduce the amount of overall electricity used and thus lower the energy consumption and energy bills as well.

  • Low Maintenance

The tinted window doesn’t need regular maintenance as compared to other window films. These films are in darker color tones in nature, don’t feed up easily, and don’t fade color often. Make sure to don’t DIY window tinting, as there are chances that it can quickly peel off. Let professionals do it for you and provide you with long-lasting ease and comfort.

  •  Increase curb appeal

Due to high-quality window films, you can increase the curb appeal of your house. These window films are now available in different colors which enhance their attractiveness to buyers whenever they apply. So, approach this step to enhance your property’s resale value.

  • Take Advantage of Energy Tax Credits

In some states, providing energy tax credits has become a new rule. In this new rule, the person or homeowners who have done window tinting will provide energy tax credits additionally. Window tinting helps reduce utility bills by blocking out UV rays directly from sunlight.

  • Compatible with Various Glass Types

Window tinting can easily be applied to different types of glasses. These glasses include single pane, double pane, and even low-coated windows quickly. It means that whatever type of window you have either in commercial or residential properties, you can still take advantage of tinting.

  • Window Tinting Infographic

All of the above advantages of window tinting are infographics. These are the reasons why you should invest in tinting. As it can secure you from costly repairs and damages.

Pros and Cons of Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

Everything has its pros and cons. Not a single thing provides just benefits, it has some disadvantages too. Though window tinting provides several key benefits to property owners, it has some disadvantages too. The commercial and residential window tinting pros and cons are listed below:

Pros of Window Tinting

  • Make sure to use environmentally friendly tinting that doesn’t affect other things in your home and community.
  • It increases buyers’ excitement about purchasing houses at a higher cost than the actual price.
  • Residential and commercial window tinting both offer a comfortable environment inside, which is a plus point for it.
  • You can also utilize this tinting in your rooms and baths to enhance additional layers of privacy and security of your desired need.
  • Professional tinting is beneficial for you as compared to DIY tinting.

Cons of Window Tinting

  • DIY tinting seems cost-effective but it can damage your property value to an extent, if not done properly.
  • If you don’t like the installed tinting film you can remove window tint. But this can be a risky process, as it can cause scratches and blurry views on your windows.
  • It can damage easily if used with a harsh tool that’s not appropriate for removing tinting.
  • Too dark tinting is considered illegal. Make sure to know the exact tinting percentage, or know about how much tinting is allowed in your state.
  • Dark tinting also stops natural light from coming inside, which can increase energy bills.
  • It can reduce visibility from your side, due to dark and colored tinting.
  • The non-recyclable window tints are also harmful to the environment, don’t use them, as they can cause serious damage to you from the state.
  • It can be difficult to clean if some harsh chemicals are accidentally applied to it.

What are Window Tinting Laws?

Every state has its own window tinting laws that must be followed. If you’re living in a United States city (Texas), it has its own laws. These laws are:

  • In Texas, the window tinting percentage is 70% for residential and commercial places. Make sure it doesn’t exceed this limit.
  • Reflective window tints are not allowed in Texas.
  • Make sure, that which site you’re buying glass tinting, has an authorized certificate from the state.
  • Texas window tints also offer medical exemptions for special purposes.  If you want to know more details about this feature, contact a reputable company for it.
  • Make sure when you’re selecting a tinting film, you know about the heat rejection and UV protection of that type of window tint, as mentioned by your state.

Keep in mind that window tinting laws are not the same as in your state or city. We are also cross-checking our information so that any main person doesn’t skip it.

What is the Lifespan of a Window Tint?

The lifespan of commercial and residential window tinting is the same. The actual lifespan of both windows depends on several factors such as, the temperature of your location, window size, property size, and others.

On average tinting is not expensive. A standard tinting on windows can last up to 5 years. It depends on how you protect it in this journey.

What is the Cost of Window Tinting On Commercial and Residential Properties?

The cost of window tinting on both commercial and residential properties depends on several factors such as the type of window tinting used, the size of your property, window size and how much they are, the complexity of installation, and weather conditions.

On average the cost of both properties is $5 to $8 per square foot. However, commercial property costs are almost higher due to the larger surface area it occupies.

But before installation, make sure to get a quote from a professional or hire an expert window tinter in your area.


For property owners window tinting can be a great option to achieve the desired results they want. It can also be a great consideration in terms of when they want to sell their property at a good price.

As it provides several benefits to property owners, that’s enough to make their buying decisions, state laws should also not be ignored.

If you want to do window tinting on your property, make sure to research the different types of tinting available in your state and which is best suitable for your property.