Everyone loves something that’ll make their lives easier, right? There are all kinds of gadgets, tricks, and hacks that are supposed to help us calm down in various situations. But what about the simple act of talking to people? As it happens, random video chatting is a great way to chill out while you socialize with strangers online.

Do you get nervous or stressed when you’re talking with people? Maybe you remember how last time someone got offended by a risky joke, or you’re conscious that if you spoke your mind about an obnoxious relative, you’d make the next holiday season extremely awkward. If you’re random chatting on Camsurf, you don’t have to worry about any of that – or a lot of other considerations that are part of in-person conversations.

The best part? If you can learn how to relax a little thanks to random video chatting, maybe that’ll carry over into real life. You might still have to tone down your dark humor or overlook that one relative’s behavior, but with random video chats providing an outlet for your true feelings, maybe it won’t matter quite so much.

You don’t have to be anyone other than yourself

A conversation in the real world is often a lot more than just a couple of people chatting with each other. In many cases, you might be subconsciously changing your behavior simply because you know the other person expects it. This sounds a little extreme, but think about it – have you ever deliberately toned yourself down around a certain group of people, for the sole reason that you knew they’d be surprised if you started acting more flamboyant than they were used to?

By contrast, your chat partners don’t know (and probably don’t really care) what kind of person you are, beyond whether or not you’d be fun to chat with. Because of this, you can interact with everyone on your terms – there’s no need to consult anyone besides yourself on how to behave.

It’s way easier to start each conversation

You know how it can feel to start talking with someone, only to realize that they really aren’t interested? This is one of the (many) reasons why it’s so hard to start conversations in the first place – but not on random chat sites. If you’re flipping through chat partners, the worst thing you have to worry about is someone deciding that you aren’t the one for them. Once you find someone who’s up for a chat, though, you’ll never have to experience that sinking feeling that the other person doesn’t actually want to be there. In a few cases, your chat partner may change their mind and skip to the next chat anyway, but what does that matter? It’s pretty much painless unless you start overthinking it, and you don’t have to deal with getting the cold shoulder for the entire last half of the chat.

You’ll have plenty of chat partners

If you’re anything like most people, the prospect of expanding your social circles a bit can be intimidating. Meeting someone new doesn’t just entail getting to know a stranger; you may also be considering the fact that if things don’t go well, you probably won’t get another opportunity for a long while.

Try meeting people on a chat site, though, and this thought probably won’t even cross your mind. Most chat sites have a few thousand users online around the clock, so you can chat as long as you want without ever running out of strangers to talk to. Rather than having to rely on chance to bring new acquaintances your way, you can simply click the “next chat” button to meet someone else in a matter of seconds!

You won’t have to deal with the same pressures

You know something else the “next chat” button can do? It can potentially alleviate a fair amount of anxiety over getting everything right during a chat. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons why people feel nervous in the first place – because they might mess up somehow, and have to ride out the consequences? Maybe they’d be aware that the other person was inwardly laughing at them, or conscious that someone else saw their gaffe. Whatever the case, they can’t just run off and hide after it happens.

Unless you’re random video chatting, that is. It may not be the most heroic strategy, but the fact remains that this one button is pretty handy at getting rid of chats that have outlived their purpose. With an efficient exit strategy just a click away, you could find yourself feeling more relaxed during your random chats. You know that if things go south, you can find a new chat partner and a fresh start in seconds.

You’ll have fewer rules to navigate

Rules are important in certain contexts – and for many rules, random video chatting is not one of those contexts. In fact, you might find a few things about random chatting a bit off-putting at first. For instance, it’s common for people to skip over their chat partners when they don’t think the interaction is entertaining enough. Cutting people off like that sends a pretty negative message in most real-life scenarios, but if you’re random chatting, it’s really just a convenience thing. It just doesn’t make sense to spend time on a chat you don’t enjoy, so you skip to the next one. It’s very unceremonious, but if your chat partners do it to you (which they will), remember that they don’t mean it personally – so try not to take it that way.

Are you ready to find out what random video chatting can do for you?

Everyone will have a different experience on random chat sites, so you could end up getting some benefits you didn’t anticipate. Maybe it’s time to find out what those benefits could be!