It’s easy to get complacent at home. Your house is likely to feel like a safe, welcoming place where you can escape the anxieties of the outer world. And while it’s a good thing that your home feels protected, it’s worth remembering that accidents can still happen. Below we explore the most common accidents that happen at home.

The most common causes of home accidents

Kitchen knives

knives - home accidents

The kitchen is usually the most dangerous room in the house. A study from The National Accident Helpline shows that 60 per cent of those surveyed had injured themselves during a culinary task before – the highest figure of any room in the house. And kitchen knives are one of the most potent dangers there. Food preparation can often lead to accidents if you’re not concentrating on the task.

Boiling water or the hob

boiling water - home accidents

There are also plenty of potential burns you can sustain in the kitchen. 24 per cent of people surveyed by The National Accident Helpline had been injured by their hob before. But boiling water also poses a danger too.

Wet floors

wet floor

Wet floors can be a hazard in any room of the house – especially when it’s a wooden or tiled floor. Always be cautious after mopping any floor and take care to wear something that will provide grip on the wet floor.


ladders - home accidents

Accidents can potentially happen in the garden, and ladders are a common hazard. Ensure that you have somewhere to support the ladder at the bottom and that you place it on even, solid ground.

Exercise equipment

exercise equipment

Indoor exercise equipment poses some dangers too. A treadmill or a stepper machine can cause injury when used improperly. Make sure that you stop using the machine once you’re feeling signs of extreme fatigue and use them strictly for exercise.

Safety tips

There are plenty of ways of protecting yourself inside your home though. A security camera, for a start, can deter intruders from coming into your house. At the same time, knowing your neighbours can be a benefit. If you have trusted neighbours nearby, it could come in handy if you have an accident and need help or if they notice something suspicious.

There are plenty of accidents in your home, but by knowing the dangers and some basic safety tips you should be prepared to avoid them.